7 Reasons NomadGao Is Better
Than A Hostel For Your Next

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

Nestled in the rural corners of Northern Goa, NomadGao is a concept curated especially for digital nomads – wandering hearts who seek a new workation. Whether you are a freelancer, an employee or a businessman, NomadGao has got all your remote work needs covered. In our co-working spaces, you’ll find some really great WiFi with backup, comfortable chairs and plenty of plug points to connect all your gadgets! What’s more, the community that it brings together is one of its kind – hustlers with bright ideas and opportunities to connect.

The idea is to create a productive environment that’ll provide the right kind of fuel to your motivation! The faster you get through your day’s to-do, the sooner you can go run wild in Goa’s pretty fields! 

So if you’re planning a workation, here’s why we think you should pick us over a traveller’s hostel –

Curated Community of Professionals

NomadGao is built for digital nomads, by digital nomads. We’re picky about our crowd and we put a great emphasis on  curating a community of professionals who can work and grow together! So yes, you might come across some brilliant digital nomads who might just be the network you need! 

 The very essence of a workation well done is the newfound knowledge and friends you take back with you! While we love hostels, the community in the hostels is very generic and transitional. 

Silent Workspaces for Deep Work

NomadGao prides its values centered around making remote work comfortable. We have a dedicated silent zone called ‘Zenspace’ in each of our properties to help professionals like you get some deep work done. Ergonomic chairs, work desks, dedicated power backup, and multiple broadband connections will make your day super productive at NomadGao.

It’s hard to get things done from backpacker hostels. There is always some or other distraction around. Isn’t it better to focus and get things done faster so that you can chill with likeminded people?

Ergonomic Chairs and Workdesks

Working long hours means unending back pain thanks to terrible postures. Hostels don’t really cater to the needs of digital nomads who seek to work long hours. The workspaces at NomadGao are loaded with some great chairs that offer back support, prevent fatigue, are just the right dimensions and made of just the right stuff for great lumbar support. The desks are also placed at a height where your neck won’t be stressed. So rest assured your spinal cord is safe with us!

Weekly NomadConnects!

Unlike any traveller’s hostel, NomadGao focuses on community building not just for networking, but also to help you find your tribe outside home. We bring together adventure stories of digital nomads, tips from freelancers, dos and donts of remote workers and everything in between! NomadConnects bring together people and their stories in a way unlike any you’ve seen! 

What’s more, we love our weekends and ensure our team gets its time off to take a well-deserved break! Like we did when we went Urrak hunting on a Sunday.

Private Living Space

Hostels generally offer shared (and crowded) living spaces and common areas. NomadGao offers shared as well as private living spaces where you could even choose to have your own kitchen! From our own experience as digital nomads, we know that we prefer to have a choice when it comes to  social life and privacy. We have designed our spaces for just that! What’s more, private living spaces would ensure appropriate physical distance as well! 

Mighty WiFi speeds and backups

We know when you’re working and getting things done, the last thing you want is a connectivity issue. Especially with the pandemic where all work exists online, it is essential to have a good internet connection. NomadGao’s coworking and co-living spaces have WiFi with some of the best WiFi speeds we’ve seen. What makes it even cooler is that we also have power backups for these so nothing can break your workflow!


We’ve done our best to sanitize and ensure physical distancing at our properties. Our workspaces are clean and well spread out. What’s more, we even have open air workspaces so you don’t have to be afraid of being stuck indoors. 

Hostels are fun if you’ve decided to take a break and travel. They’re great for having fun, bonding with backpackers, getting tips on where to go next and so on! On the other hand if you think you need to leave home for a workation, they’re not ideal. Crowded common rooms and average Internet connectivity might hinder your productivity. So yeah, if you’re a digital nomad, NomadGao knows exactly what you need.