Goa Vs Bali – Choose Your Next
Workation Destination?

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

Sun. Sand. Coconuts. The comparison between blissful Bali and gorgeous Goa doesn’t end here. Having spent a considerable time in Bali as a digital nomad, I have deja vu moments every now and then in my now-home, Goa. In fact, we chose Goa to settle down and start NomadGao due to the tiny state’s uncanny resemblance with the paradise island named Bali.

For starters, both places have rich histories unique to the countries they belong to. Bali is different from the rest of Indonesia as it’s predominantly Hindu. Goa is different in its own sense as it was colonized by the Portuguese unlike the rest of India, which was mostly a British colony. The beauty of Goa lies in the diversity as Hindus, Muslims, and Christians live in harmony in this tiny state. The religious and cultural diversity means there is unmatched variety in Goan cuisine and festivals!

Temple Run!

For every magnificent Balinese temple, there are equally magnificent Portuguese era churches and Hindu temples in Goa. Old Goa, which was the erstwhile capital of Portuguese Goa, is a UNESCO world heritage site known for its many Churches. They encapsulate a part of Goa’s heritage and have survived to tell the story well. Contrary to popular belief, Goa is also home to a large number of not just temples, but also mosques that bear a significant chunk of Goa’s historical narrative. Both locations carry their culture with them and have proudly put it out to the world to see. Goa, in the past few years has really grown as an offbeat tourist destination and its heritage, history and culture are being brought into limelight as part of many experiential Goa tours.

Show me the Beaches

Beaches bring a different kind of joy with them. Bali makes for an ideal destination for divers and surfers with its clear blue waters. Goa on the other hand, offers some really pristine and quiet beaches, away from the crowded locations, making for a perfect work from anywhere experience. You could grab a drink at a shack, find a wild party somewhere in the North, go diving off of Butterfly Island and even go kayaking into the deep blue.

Far from the Madding (tourist) Crowd

Bali has been a hub for remote workers and digital nomads for a while now. At the same time, it’s a booming tourist hub offering good food, a rich cultural exploration and in general a great time. Bali is ideal to work from if you’re someone looking for multiple coliving and coworking options to choose from. If you’re someone who’s willing to explore a little, you can choose to work from Goa. Goa has just started taking shape as a workation destination and is bound to only grow as one in the coming years. NomadGao has managed to carve a corner for itself in the world of digital nomadism as a sanctuary for remote workers planning to work from Goa. Choosing to work from Goa offers you the quiet that you may want, a very selective community of digital nomads and remote workers and some very intimate coworking and coliving spaces. Goa is just stepping into the world of digital nomadism and that makes it special. On a final note, we think both Bali and Goa are beautiful in their own unique ways and yet, so similar. They both are laden with some of the most exotic beaches, rich and magnificent monuments and mouth-watering food. While Bali has grown into a very modern and developed tourist destination, Goa is still very pristine and traditional. Goa’s laissez faire attitude, its wonderful work-life balance and a hospitable community makes it feel like home, no matter how long you’re there for. What’s more, Goa’s super budget-friendly too! On a final note, Bali and Goa both are as good as homes to us. Where will you choose to go next?