The Ultimate 21-day Lockdown Reading List for Dreamers!

Most of the world is in lockdown to win the battle against the tiny Coronavirus. Yesterday, India announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown to protect 1.3 billion of its citizens. 21 days is a significant time to start something new, get back to an old hobby, or quit some unwanted habits. For those who love, loved, or want to read, here is my ultimate reading list!

You may not be able to buy physical copies of these books from Amazon but you can still buy the kindle version. Again, let’s use these 21 days to go digital!

As a dreamer myself, my reading list is full of books with utopian, but practical, themes. I hope reading these books will help you visualize a better world ahead. This is my version of the world after coronavirus.

1. Utopia for Realists – Rutger Bregman

Back in 2016, I came across this book written by Rutger Bregman. Utopia for Realists changed my perspective of the world with its insightful, yet simple, commentary on universal basic income. The current lockdown and crisis can accelerate the move towards Universal basic income, which sounded like a mad idea to many, even at the start of 2020.

2. People Powered – Jono Bacon

As a community builder, I am totally sold on this book. The book talks about the power of communities to drive business. Do I need to say more?

I’m also selected for Jono Bacon’s ‘Community Access Bootcamp’ that is starting this week. I will be sharing my learnings on this blog.

3. Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari

To redesign our future, we first need to know our history. Knowing history helps us correct our past mistakes. Sapiens is the only book you need to read to understand our evolution as a species and as a society. The author’s take on the world after coronavirus is also insightful.

4. Factfulness – Hans Rosling

In times like this, it’s natural to feel gloomy. The number of covid19 cases and deaths are rising exponentially around the world. If you are feeling under water with all the numbers coming at you, read Factfulness. It will show you that the world is not as bad as most think.



6. Principles – by Ray Dalio

To lead in the new world, we need strong principles. Ray Dalio, an ultra-successful financier, has outlined his beautifully in this book. This book will certainly make you think about your own principles.

7. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

When things were not working out for me, this book helped me stay motivated. In difficult times like this, everyone should read this book! Heck, governments should distribute copies of this for free!

Hope these books will help us redefine the world!

Happy reading!

See you after 21 days 🙂


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