Why Goa is poised to be the next digital nomad hub?

With over 100 kilometers of coastline, rich culture and history, mind-blowing diversity, and great food, Goa is already the most tourist-friendly destination in India. In 2017, Goa welcomed almost a million foreign tourists. However, it’s still a fraction of the tourist arrivals in some popular beach destinations in SE Asia, including Bali. Let’s see what makes Goa standout!

Unique Heritage and mixed culture

Over the course of the past millennia, Goa has seen changing hands from medieval Hindu kingdoms, Bahamani Muslim rulers, and the Portuguese before finally being a part of Republic of India. The influence and confluence of different cultures and religions make Goa unique and diverse. This diversity spreads to food, architecture, festivals, and overall lifestyle.

Beach for everyone

Goan coastline offers something for everyone. The northern end of Goan coast is known for its chill vibe and surfing spot. As you move down the coast, there are places where turtles come to lay eggs during January/February. Further down is the stretch known for its vibrant nightlife. South Goa, where we are hosting Namaste Ladies, is known for easy and not-so-busy beaches, luxury resorts, and peace. Thus, Goa offers beachlife for all sorts of digital nomads and families.

Supportive government

Goa government is pro-digital nomads. They are even thinking about launching an integrated portal to help digital nomads find accommodation, curated list of cafes and coworking spaces, and different services. In the long run, the government may even lobby to get special visas for digital nomads. The government is also keen on attracting startups and has its own IT and startup policy.

Improving internet

We all have a friend who said Goa is beautiful but the internet sucks. Right? That’s a thing of the past. Goa has statewide broadband infrastructure. Moreover, India has taken a leap in internet infrastructure with cheap 4G plans. To top it up, we are working with ISPs to get you the one of the fastest and most reliable broadband internet that Goa has to offer.

More than just the beach

While Goa is India’s beach capital, it’s USP doesn’t end there. Green meadows and coconut trees never leave you when you are in Goa. The occasional sight of backwaters is sure to take your breath away. Goa is also home to 6 national parks and sanctuaries for wildlife lovers. Goa is on India’s most scenic train route, the Konkan Railway. For the history lovers, there are forts, churches, temples, and other monuments spread across this small state.


Sleepy Goa gets high during festival time. Shigmo, a spring festival, is celebrated with folk songs, dances, and temple festivals. Goa also has its own version of carnival with street parades, live music bands, dances, and parties everywhere. As you may already know, we Indians take our festivals seriously and there is always a major festival somewhere in almost every month!

I can go on about Goa but I want you to experience it yourself! We are organizing a women-only digital nomad retreat in Goa led by an all-women team (Hayley, Brittnee, Corine, Joy). We have carefully crafted the itinerary to give you a localized experience with a global community of women changemakers. If you are a guy reading this, worry not! We have more retreats coming up with one in the Indian Himalayas right after Namaste Ladies!

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