Why is it the best time to be a digital nomad visiting India?

While travelling through and working from SE Asia as a digital nomad, I strongly felt that India could definitely be a great digital nomad destination with all that the country has to offer. I even presented my views on this topic to a bunch of fellow digital nomads while I was stationed in Bali. After careful thought and planning for months, we are excited to launch the first batch of Remote Explorers in the lap of the Himalayas where Dalai Lama stays. Before I talk more about the location and the events planned, I thought I should address a common question people may have in mind. That is, why India?

Be where growth is!

And no, I am not talking about spiritual growth, although we have lined up daily yoga and meditation hour for people seeking that. India is the fastest growing large economy in the world with over 7% GDP growth rate and growing optimism about the future. Contrary to the bad reputation, government here is also trying to keep up with the changes happening around with a big push to cashless economy, unique identification for 1.25 billion citizen, and support for the startup ecosystem and so on. While changes are always slow in a democracy of 1.25 billion people, India has an advantage being one of the largest market in the world and pretty young workforce. We invite you to have a first-hand experience of growing India by joining Remote Explorers at McLeodganj, India.

Improved Infrastructure

Let it be the physical infrastructure or the internet, we have seen everything improving over the last few years. Not long ago, 1MbPS was a luxury in my small city of close to a million people. Now, we have got following 4G speed in the mountains!!

Easier Visas!

Gone are the days when getting an Indian visa was a nightmare.

Starting April 1, Government of India has extended eVisa validity to 2 months from the earlier 1 month. The facility is available for citizen of 161 countries. You can apply for the visa online and collect it from the Indian mission/embassy nearby. Get your eVisa and we will take care of almost everything else!

Be with Early bunch of Indian digital nomads

We are one of the first few Indian digital nomads and remote workers. Akshay, our friend who helped us during planning, is a developer working remotely for over two years now. Before that, he was managing entire operations and the community at Jaaga Study — an open learning community of budding developers. Prashant runs a software company from the Indian Himalayas with varied capabilities. I have been a remote worker for over 3 years now and have travelled extensively around India and SE Asia. I manage a team of financial analysts remotely. I have also been featured in some blogs and interviews. I have given talks on various topics that interest digital nomads. I am a moderator of the largest digital nomad community in the world. In short, we have got a stellar team to make it a great experience for you and we are passionate about what we do ☺

Leave your worries to us

Being remote workers ourselves, we understand your need. We know that culture shock is a real phenomenon. We know that being in India stresses people out with so much happening around. Imagine cows passing on the road, people everywhere, a plethora of smells of delicious food following you, crowded trains and much more. While it may seem chaotic, there is an order to it. We would be happy to help you understand the order to give you a complete India experience. Keep your mind open and come join us for Remote Explorers and we will make sure you will keep coming back to India. Ciao!

By Mayur Sontakke

I wear many hats. I run NomadGao, advise companies on strategy and remote work, manage various communities, advise people on finances, and write about the future of work and the world. I live in beautiful Goa with my wife and 3 wonderful kids.

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