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the image gives a peek into the different sides of goa, offbeat goa experience for digital nomads and remote workers on a workation in Goa
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Looking for some offbeat travel experiences in Goa? There is something exciting happening this December. ‘Rediscover Goa’ is an initiative by the government of Goa in collaboration with Airbnb that focuses on Goa beyond beaches. It takes place between 12th December 2022 and 18th December 2022 and is open to all. This state that was […]

The image shows Priya Majumdar, the founder Neon Sundae
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Why choose one path when you can be awesome and take many? Robert Frost led most to believe that when two roads fork and you walk down one, it’s difficult to come back. However, Priya Majumdar’s journey is a testimony to what really happens afterwards. She took a path that caught her eye and that […]

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Tips for digital nomads in India   As a digital nomad working remotely from around the world, it can get daunting to pick your next destination country. There are so many prerequisites for working remotely such as good wifi, coworking spaces, a coliving space and accessibility to technology, that need to be met before you […]

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Everyone dreams of travelling full-time. There is something about the change this movement offers that makes everyone seek it out. However, it’s not always easy to grab hold of a dream so big and so perilous. We worry about commitments, finances, friends and all the things that we might lose grip of if we take […]

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Hello digital nomads,   We’re so glad you’re considering a workation in Goa! It’s such a lovely state – perfect for slow days filled with productivity and plenty of rest! Most people think susegado means laziness, that Goans like not doing work and wasting their time making merry and catching sunsets. Which is simply not […]

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Himachal Pradesh is a traveller’s haven with its roads that lead to a quiet place and tall mountains that make you feel humbled and grateful for it. For a while now the state has been a favourite amongst digital nomads, backpackers and hippies alike. The town of Dharamshala has taken the centre stage while the […]

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Contrary to our other features, here is a story about starting out in your twenties, braving the unexpected, figuring out your finances and just watching things fall into place. 

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Meet Jagruti Khabiya, Eco Entrepreneur, Founder Of Araatrika! Meet Jagruti, an eco entrepreneur and our coconut for the month!  Robert Frost once said, “ I took the road not taken and that has made all the difference” and we never stopped quoting it since. Why should we, when brilliant people like Jagruti keep adding meaning to his […]

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How My Misfit Background Turned Me Into A Community Builder? TL:DR -This is a story of an introvert misfit from a small town who ended up becoming a community entrepreneur -Being an introvert or an extrovert are states of mind. Everyone’s an extrovert among like-minded people -Know the community you belong to and solve the […]

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Goa Vs Bali – Choose Your Next Workation Destination? Sun. Sand. Coconuts. The comparison between blissful Bali and gorgeous Goa doesn’t end here. Having spent a considerable time in Bali as a digital nomad, I have deja vu moments every now and then in my now-home, Goa. In fact, we chose Goa to settle down […]

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