Coronavirus – Why Are We Keeping NomadGao Open?

We are living in unprecedented times. Every day, the numbers of affected and dead are looking bigger. Governments are on a war footing and the Indian Prime Minister has called for a ‘Janta Curfew’ tomorrow. Most likely, it is a measure to prepare the nation for longer lockdown. Some of our friends have closed their businesses.

We have been spending a lot of time figuring out what’s the right thing to do. We have reached our conclusion. NomadGao will stay open as long as it’s legal to do so! It was a tough decision to make. A decision nobody is prepared for. But our gut says we are doing the right thing.

1. NomadGao is home to foreigners stranded in Goa

Since the beginning, we have taken pride in calling NomadGao a home for digital nomads around the world. Over the last few months, a lot of people have extended their stays because it feels like home. We have a couple of residents right now who want to extend their stay as they find it comfortable and safer here.

Moreover, with Visa ban and travel restrictions coming into play, a lot of foreigners are stranded in Goa and India. I’m in touch with a group of people who want to stay longer in India but need a visa run. Most can’t leave the country as there are no flights or they can’t afford the last-minute ticket. Our principles guide us to keep the space open for them. If you are one of the stranded foreigners in India, this post may help you with your visa extension.

2. people still need a place to work

NomadGao has quickly become a preferred spot for people to get things done. Our little coworking space has high-speed wifi, power backup, and comfortable seating. At a time when the whole world is under lockdown, many people are working from home. Not keeping NomadGao open may hamper the income and livelihood of some of these people. As a safety measure, we are not accepting any new memberships until we beat Corona. If you have something urgent and can’t find the right place, we would be happy to help you anyway. Just Whatsapp us on +91-8888618466.

All of this doesn’t mean we are irresponsible and careless. We are taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our community.

1: Extra focus on hygiene – We are spending a longer time on housekeeping and making sure our space is extra cleaner. We have even created our own hand sanitizer.

2. Social distancing – We are avoiding handshakes and hugs. Namaste is back in fashion. We are also discouraging our members from going out unless it’s absolutely necessary. We ourselves don’t go out.

3. Awareness building – We are spending time in creating awareness about the situation through various channels.

4. Monitoring the situation – We are also monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis to stay informed and to take proper actions. We would recommend only using trusted sources if you need any information related to the Coronavirus pandemic.


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