Join Remote Work Accountability Group to get things done!

Work-from-home has become the need of the hour. Some are prepared, some are not. As remote work enablers, we consider it to be our responsibility to help you through the transition. To make it happen, we have created a Remote Work Accountability group on Facebook.

The idea behind Remote work Accountability Group

Remote work is not easy. If you are doing it for the first time during the current coronavirus chaos, it’s even more difficult. In my opinion, remote work is difficult because:-

  1. We are not used to it
  2. Loneliness strikes
  3. We can’t focus
  4. Inability to balance our personal and professional lives
  5. We are not disciplined

Having worked remotely since 2014 and traveled with my laptop for years, I have realized that all of it can be sorted out if you have the right tools, a routine, and motivated people around you. For the tools, you can refer to this article. If you want to embrace remote work in a structured way, this article may be helpful.

Getting motivated people around you is challenging in the pandemic times (else I would have simply invited you all to join NomadGao community 😉 ). Thus, I thought to create a virtual accountability group to solve that problem.

How can the group help you stay productive?

Research shows that sharting your goals with someone can help you stay on track. That’s what we are trying to do here. As the first step, the group will act as a public journal for your goals. Every morning, the moderators will create a thread to share your day’s goal. Every evening, there will be a review. During the day, you are free to connect with other group members individually for networking but you can not spam the group. By sharing your goals publically and opening up to a public review, you are training yourself to be accountable. The other advantages of this remote work accountability group include networking opportunities, knowledge share, and building friendships.

In the second stage, we will use this platform as a knowledge sharing tool. Time to be accountable for each other!

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