Staying in India during coronavirus uncertainty

Yesterday, India suspended all existing visas issued to nationals of any country until April 15. The measure was taken to control the import cases of the novel coronavirus. The World Health Organization has enlisted it as a global pandemic, prompting such drastic measures. The US has also suspended visas to most European citizens for 30 days. I thought to put together some tips to face the situation of uncertainty, especially if you are already in India:-


  1. Avoid public places and gatherings

Not just population, India also ranks high on population density. That means, there are more people around you coughing and sneezing than most other countries on earth. It’s best to avoid crowds. Want to go to the beach? Go at noon. Want to watch a movie? Switch on Netflix. Want to go to karaoke? Choose your bathroom instead!

  1. Keep an eye on Visas

Running out of your Indian visa or the permitted time to stay? Contact nearest FRO/FRRO to check on the extension policy and procedure. Most procedure is now online but there is still some ambiguity about it. I’ll update this article as soon as I have more clarity.

  1. Find helpful communities to call home

In times of stress, it helps to have warm people around. Find not-so-crowded communities to help you feel free. At NomadGao, we are building a home for digital nomads. We all are in it together!

  1. Take plenty of sunshine

While there are various opinions about this, staying warm doesn’t harm! India escaped some of the previous epidemics and pandemics perhaps due to the weather. Most of the current cases around the world are reported in cooler places. With the weather in India getting warmer by the day, we can hope to arrest the spread. Personal hygiene is the most important though.

  1. Don’t panic

In this current situation, it’s easy to panic. But the Government of India is acting fast on arresting the coronavirus spread and we are here to help you! If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me personally on Facebook or WhatsApp (8888618466).

I’ll be updating more information here so keep this bookmarked!


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