What NomadGao is doing to protect the community from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus 1- Globalization 0

Coronavirus has taken us back by a few decades. Border controls (even within the EU) are back, the global supply chain is down, and people are trying to hoard masks and toilet papers. As community builders, our first job at NomadGao is to ensure the safety of our members. We have instituted certain measures to do our bit to arrest the spread of the virus in our community:-

1. Our own hand sanitizer

Even hand sanitizers are in short supply. Thus, we have made our own using 70% alcohol. Members can find it on the coffee counter at our coworking space, Zenspace!

2. We are suspending all our open events

It’s time for us to stay low key. Over the past few months, we have conducted a lot of events at NomadGao and it was fun. But keeping the current situation in mind, we feel that its best for us to suspend all such events until the end of the month. The events that we do will only be open to our community.

3. We are trying to be unsocial

We love people and we love hanging out with them! However, in the current situation, we don’t want to. I know that the chances of severe complications from COVID-19 are pretty limited among our community, thanks to age and other factors. However, we just don’t want to get it and spread it to more people. We are also advising our members to be less social for the same reason.

4. Namaste!

We don’t shake hands anymore. We do namaste! The traditional Indian greeting is becoming a global fashion!

5. Scrutinizing new requests

We are also following due diligence in accepting new requests. If you want to come to NomadGao, be ready for an interview! For us, it’s okay to keep rooms vacant than to put our members at risk. Please cooperate with us 🙂


Goa so far has not recorded a single case and the government is acting fast on minimizing the impact. With new visa curbs implemented, we believe that the pace of spread will be much lower. We stay here like a family and help each other 🙂

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