Meet Dhinesh and Swethitha, remote workers, parents to Shiro and dedicated hustlers!

Meet Dhinesh and Swethitha, our coconuts for the month!

We’re suckers for anyone who takes “adventure is out there!” seriously. Dhinesh and Swethitha are one such couple that took their first step into remote work this year to work from Goa. When they walked into NomadGao’s Secret Garden with their remote work companion Shiro, a pretty little beagle, we knew they were special!

a digital nomad on a trip to work from goa couple in nomadgao at the beach on the shore you can see the sky and the waves behinf and the golden sun setting

“We wanted a pet-friendly space and NomadGao offered us that. We just wanted Shiro to have a good time and make new friends. And he did! There were so many other dogs on the property and Shiro had the time of his life with them!”


While Swethitha and Dhinesh have travelled a lot, but never for a workation. A proper remote work experience would require staying in a new place – preferably a coliving space- for at least a month. The couple speaks fondly of their first workation experience. We asked them how it felt to work from Goa.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been freelancing and travelling since a little before the pandemic. I’ve travelled to cities around India, but NomadGao has been the most fun so far. The fresh air in their Secret Garden helped give me space to work. I usually get really worked up because of all the maths and programming that’s involved in the work I do. NomadGao has been a great help in making work fun for me.”

digital nomad dhinesh freelancer with his beagle Shiro on a work from goa trip

Their companion Shiro was the highlight of our time with them though. He got really close to one of our housekeeping staff, Gyaan and wouldn’t let him go home. We think he would work from Goa on any given day! He was the sweetest gentleman we’ve met and we believe he loves travelling just as much as his humans do. We hope they have many more adventures together and find fun and freedom in whatever they choose to pursue. 

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