Work From Anywhere! Mountains and Beaches Are Calling!

Remote Work is going mainstream. So is work from anywhere!


Digital Nomad

 Are you bored working from home? Why not be a Digital Nomad and work from anywhere?

Who are Digital Nomads?

Digital Nomads are a group of individuals who work from anywhere on their laptops while travelling. All they need is Wi-Fi, a closely-knit community, and open borders. Digital Nomads often work in co-working spaces, cafes, public libraries, and recreational vehicles.Due to widespread escalation in digitization, Digital Nomadism is booming rapidly and certainly is the future.We started NomadGao to make India popular among global digital nomads. 

What do Digital Nomads do?

Digital Nomads come in many categories!Some are techies (App Developers) and others are artists (Graphic Designers). Few create content (Bloggers, Copywriters, You Tubers) while others market it (Digital Marketers). Some make money from Investing & Trading while others teach students online.As long as you can work from anywhere, you can be a Digital Nomad. 

India is made for Digital Nomads!

  IndiaIndia is a promising destination for all the digital nomads who are looking for a low cost of living and reasonably high quality of life.Beginning with alluring mountains, pristine beaches, tropical forests to regal deserts, India houses a diversified landscape and is destined to become the next digital nomads’ hub.At NomadGao, we are working hard to build a community of digital nomads! Here is a list of the top five states and union territories in India to stay as a Digital Nomad. Keep Reading! 


Nestled along the coastlines of the Arabian Sea, Goa is a picturesque state and is an excellent option for digital nomads. It is famous for unspoiled beaches, tantalizing cuisine, aqua sports, architectural grandeur, and unrivalled nightlife.Imagine unwinding on a hammock by a serene beach and keeping up with your work at the same time!Sounds dreamy, right?To turn the dreams into reality, NomadGao is here to provide Digital Nomads with co-living and co-working spaces in Goa.NomadGao’s current co-working & co-living space is located in quaint Assagao, just 10 minutes away from the beach. Amongst all, some of the top facilities include private rooms and apartments, 200 Mbps+ mainline, 50 Mbps internet backup, 24*7 power backup, complimentary tea/ coffee, and on-site café.NomadGao stands out of the crowd because it has its closely-knit community of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Remote Workers. We have also been featured in Conde Nast Traveller!Clay is another co-working space by the beach that you can explore while in Goa.Café Rasa in Panjim offers great coffee, an inspiring atmosphere, and splendid views of the Mandovi river.Come, explore, collaborate, and find your tribe all while having fun in Goa!Work from anywhere 

2.Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh features alluring snow-capped mountains, enticing river banks, salubrious climate, and an unperturbed atmosphere.Now, digital nomads in India can commit to work and indulge in mind-boggling views all at once!Want to explore Tibetan Buddhism while appreciating the views of the Dhauladhar ranges? Dharamsala is the place.In a mood for some adventure? Head to Bir-Billing, the world’s second-highest paragliding site.Want a gateway for treks in the greater Himalayas? Manali is your destination!Escaping the shackles of 9-5 and commencing life as a Digital Nomad in Himachal Pradesh seems like an awesome plan!Are you up for it?work from anywhere 

3. Rajasthan

An amalgamation of natural splendour and cultural aura, Rajasthan is all about majestic palaces, tranquil lakes, intricate temples, edgy dunes, and wildlife sanctuaries.Numerous digital nomads from Europe and America throng the state every year.Among digital nomads, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Jaisalmer are the most preferred places.Besides, all the four cities enjoy speedy internet connectivity which enables digital nomads to strike an equilibrium between work and leisure. work from anywhere

4. Kerala

Along Malabar Coast, Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country” for its scenic beauty and diverse ecology.Rolling hills? Palm-lined beaches?  Tropical rain forests? Coffee & spice plantations? Quaint backwaters? Kerala checks all the boxes!Gradually, Kerala is gaining ground as a prime point for digital nomads.Why wouldn’t it?What’s better than working on your laptop with a mountain/beach/ forest view in the backdrop? work from anywhere

5. Pondicherry

Technically, Pondicherry is not a state. It’s a Union Territory. However, we can’t stop including it to the list.If you are a digital nomad who is looking for a blend of urban milieu and quietude, Pondicherry is an ideal choice. It has aesthetic French-style lanes and still retains the colonial charm of the bygone era.Multiple options are available in Pondicherry to work on the go.During off time, one can venture out to explore the town on a bicycle or gorge onto sumptuous delicacies at exquisite from anywhere Happy Co-living & Co-working!                      
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