3 coworking and coliving communities to visit in SE Asia!

Coworking and coliving communities- Your next adda?


2020 is coming to an end. Most of us are looking forward to a brighter 2021. How many of you spent countless hours, planning your next trip in 2020, only to see it washed away by the pandemic wave? Coworking and coliving communities could be your savior.


Good news! Now that most of you are working remotely and may continue to do so even after the pandemic, a whole new way of traveling is open to you. Now, you can mix travel and work seamlessly as long as you are connected to the internet.


Where should one start?

If you love to connect with like-minded people, live well in exotic places, explore new destinations all this while getting things done, you will certainly get hooked to coworking and coliving places.

No kidding. Most residents that come to our coliving place in Goa extend their stay. Assuming you are craving for getting another stamp on your passport, I’m giving my personal recommendations of awesome coworking and coliving places.



Coworrking coliving entrepreneurs

 (L to R, Jeff from Angkor Hub, James from Kohub, Bryan from Outpost)

Disclaimer: This post is written purely to support the community. There is no monetary gain from it. 


KoHub Tropical Coworking, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Kohub Coworking and Coliving                          

(Kohub’s beautiful tropical coworking space in Koh Lanta, Thailand)



Imagine being on a sleepy island with a bunch of interesting people. That’s KoHub for you. Run by a dear friend, James, since 2014, Kohub has a great reputation for having a closely-knit community, super-fast internet, and welcoming feel. That’s not all. They have got a great space too! Kohub’s coworking space has got a huge garden, a cafe serving great coffee and delicious food, and everything that you need to stay productive.

Kohub’s coliving accommodation is just a stone’s throw away from their coworking space. They offer heavily discounted monthly packages.

My commentary on KoHub will be incomplete without talking about James, the founder and the soul of the space. James’ love for the community and his passion for the space makes KoHub what it is!


Outpost, Bali and Cambodia

Outpost coworking and coliving                                                                                         

(Outpost, Ubud)


Back in 2016, when I was traveling in Southeast Asia while working remotely for a startup, I stumbled upon Outpost. While I had worked from a few coworking spaces before that, I hadn’t seen anything like Outpost.

Imagine a place that gives you the option to socialize with interesting people from around the world or focus and get things done. Outpost Ubud’s ground floor is strictly for those who want to focus. On the other hand, the top floor is more chilled out. They do a lot of fun events to make sure the community stays engaged. On Thursdays, they give free massages too!

Outpost has also opened a couple of other spaces in Bali and in Cambodia too.


Angkor Hub, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Hub

(Jeff with Angkor Hub Community)


Those who think Cambodia is all about magnificent ruins and war memories, think again!  While Siem Reap takes you back in time, Angkor Hub, run by lovely Jeff is ahead of its time!

Jeff deeply cares about his community and its social impact on locals. Angkor Hub also acts as a hub for innovation and learning for local Khmers with a goal of sustainable development. Jeff is always happy to take new members around the little town of Siem Reap.  When I was there last time, I even got to taste the local craft beer only available exclusively!

While space is hibernating right now due to the pandemic, it’s just a matter of time until its again filled with awesome people like you.

staying at coliving places and working from coworking spaces is a great way to make remote work more fulfilling for you. I hope you will enjoy my recommendations!


Hope to see you soon at NomadGao too! 🙂

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