Rural Workation – Game changers for India!

 How you can help India’s villages grow

A workation in today’s world would mean that we can get away. We would be able to walk ten steps without bumping into another person, relax in spaces that are bigger than our cubicles and breathe in air that doesn’t feel like poison! Most have been turning to this wonderful opportunity that takes us to rural India’s peace and beauty. To be honest, the mountains, the sea, the green and the blue and the solidarity of a rural community is a welcome change to our fast-paced lives! 


This has been such a great boost to the mental health of many and a boost to the rural economies during these hard times! Why haven’t we already cemented this wonderful idea into India’s corporate structure? We think that setting up gorgeous coworking and coliving spaces, would be great for the rural India! Here’s how we think rural workation packages could help India grow-

Employment Generation in Workation Destinations

Locations frequented by digital nomads for workations will lead to creation of co-living and co-working spaces. These will need employees; caretakers, managers, househelps, cooks, gardeners, mechanics, electricians…the list is endless! Needless to say, most of them will be on the payroll of the property and that means they have a secure job. A good company if possible will also help its employees secure insurance, create savings and so on! The rural youth will find a space to intern at, learn and contribute to their community too! More jobs would mean better money which would in turn lead to healthier lifestyles, better education and so on!


Workation packages will create income

There’s no rocket science here – from gardeners and milkmen to property owners and restaurants, everyone will a secondary source of income. Maybe it could be for their services or for goods but it will facilitate better living, learning and growing. For instance when we went to Valpoi to understand Urrak making and even purchase some, it created the possibility of a secondary income for the distillers. It doesn’t just stop at that. Maybe the co-living professionals could hire individuals; they could spot someone with potential and recommend them to prospective employers. This could go such a long way for the future of a village and its people!

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The workation community’s influence on the locals


Skill Development


As more and more professionals call villages their home, the farther their knowledge and experience will reach.  It will push them to better their skills and services! These professionals can share the knowledge that they have, undertake training programmes that will facilitate skill development in the youth. We know not everything can be learnt in the classroom, so with every professional that comes along, there is an opportunity for learning in these underprivileged areas.

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Upkeep of rural workation locations

When a particular location starts gaining popularity as a workation destination, it will lead to better maintenance of the place by the locals. Even though it is vulnerable to pollution due to excessive tourism, the locals can prevent it by planning ahead. This will not only lead to better prices for the properties and services, but also generate revenue  for the government! Just imagine – the village you decided to work from now has access to modern agricultural infrastructure, thanks to you! Or living in the mountains brought internet to the surrounding villages! And your boss who let you burn your cramped cubicle. 

Change in Lifestyles 

India’s rural kingdoms are still learning, working their way to development and improved quality of life. Maybe, if a space in some corner of the country decides to build modern infrastructure, the locals will follow suit. They’ll think for themselves, live better to create a better image and even inculcate better hygiene habits. The lifestyle change won’t be just for the rurals. As someone who dreams of running like a cow in the middle of a meadow every day, I know you want this. While always having the option of leaving, staying in locations where the traffic never turns into a jam and not all jungles are of concrete is the new American dream! If you want me to put it like that.


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Conservation of the environment and rural heritage of Workation locations


Now that we know what we don’t want, we’ll work to keep what we want. (Hopefully) Maybe nature conservation will get more importance and not every rural coliving destination will turn into another wannabe metropole. Apart from that, the local monuments, traditions, foods and languages will find a stage for themselves. A lot of our culture is dying today – the Kodava language, Naga food, Goa’s cultural heritage and so on. When these elements get attention, they live on, if not in the region than through you and whoever might come across you bragging (as you rightly should) on Instagram!

Our Verdict

Rural coliving in India, if executed well, could revolutionise not only digital nomadism and work from home but the face of India’s rural corners. We know somewhere deep down in our hearts that there is a chef that makes the best chai you’ve ever had but they haven’t been discovered yet or that there is a river perfect for dipping after a hard day’s work and you just don’t know about it!


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So maybe we as a community of digital nomads should give the idea a push. If you ever stumble upon our NomadGao properties in Assagao or Anjuna you’d know what we’re talking about – the local taverns, the majestic roads lined with trees, the intricate homes with fascinating stories, the festivals, the food all fall into your lap, to tell you, that this workation, was the best decision you ever made!


You just need to take the first step, brag a little and the rest will followWor

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