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The world is adjusting to remote work. As pioneers in remote work, we thought we could help companies cope up with the transformation. What’s a better way than presenting awesome products on our blog?

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The following post is written by Helena Merron at wurkr.

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Work remotely with wurkr!

The current pandemic has highlighted the silver lining of the perks of working remotely or from Anywhere. International workers and business owners, used to the grind of the 9 to 5, are now seeking a more nomadic lifestyle. This is also true in India as job searches on Indeed India for remote roles rose by 442% between February and July of this year. 

Workers are no longer wanting to be restricted to the cities like Mumbai with extortionate real estate forcing many to live in cramped apartments alongside their families. Remote work gives many professionals the opportunity to relocate and travel without being restricted by their careers. Job flexibility is now seen as a high priority, especially by millennials, who make up over 50% of India’s working population. 

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Replicate your office with wurkr!

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This is where Wurkr comes in. Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical office – online! You can communicate and work alongside your distributed or remote colleagues visibly and in real-time, wherever they may be. For example, you could easily collaborate from the beaches of Goa with your colleague in cosmopolitan Mumbai. All you have to do is login and work with your teammates as if you are in the same office. It feels just like you are sitting with your colleagues just without the geographical limitations of an office building. Your coworkers are only a click away from being seen and heard, and by changing rooms you can have a chat without disturbing the rest of your team. This allows you to truly get to know your colleagues, as Wurkr allows for those spontaneous watercooler moments that can’t be replicated through scheduled video conferencing. 

The dreaded boredom of a Monday morning is eradicated thanks to the virtual office. You are no longer forced to commit to the monotonous commute to the same desk. Instead, weekly catch-ups become cultural learning opportunities as you hear about your colleagues’ adventures and share what you have been up to wherever you are. Wurkr highlights that work shouldn’t be limited to large office blocks but that you can remain productive and connected to your team from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Work from Anywhere with Wurkr. Create your own virtual office here 

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