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Things to Do for a Digital Nomad in Dharamkot – Part 1

Himachal Pradesh is a traveller’s haven with its roads that lead to a quiet place and tall mountains that make you feel humbled and grateful for it. For a while now the state has been a favourite amongst digital nomads, backpackers and hippies alike. The town of Dharamshala has taken the centre stage while the rest of Himachal Pradesh is left for those who seek offbeat adventures. Dharamkot is one such offbeat village tucked away in the folds of Himachal right somewhere above McLeodGanj and Dharamshala.

a view of Dharamkot while working remotely from the mountains in Himachal

What makes Dharamkot special for digital nomads is how quiet and quaint it is. At the same time, it sits right in the heart of Himachal and is accessible from the most popular locations. Due to this, managing remote work in Dharamkot can get relatively easy as compared to Himachal’s other more touristy areas. Additionally, since Dharamsala/Dharamkot fall under smart cities, the internet there is better than in most places. For those who do not know, Dharamkot is not your everyday tourist spot. Rather, it is a rustic little village tucked far away from the chaos of the crowd. If you are looking to do some soul searching while working remotely, Dharamkot is your place to be in. As a digital nomad looking to work from Himachal, there are plenty of weekend/ post-work activities that you can do if you are living in Dharamkot. So if you are looking for the perfect coliving and coworking experience while working in the mountains, head to Dharamkot.

How to reach Dharamkot?


There are four airports that are closest to Dharamkot: 

  • Delhi (489 km)
  • Amritsar (206 km)
  • Kangra  (20 km)
  • Chandigarh (250 km)

Airports from where buses and cabs to Dharamkot/MacLeod Ganj/ Dharamshala can be found easily. Also currently, SpiceJet is the only airline that operates flights to Gaggal (Kangra Airport), which is around 20 km from Dharamkot.

You can either find a bus or a cab to Dharamshala (ISBT/Kashmiri Gate, Delhi for buses), or a train to Pathankot. From there, cabs are easily available just up to Dharamkot.

Cafe Hopping in Dharamkot

cafes in dharamkot
Via @instahimachal

Dharamkot is the epitome of slow and abundant living. One can easily find cafes serving all kinds of cuisines – from North Indian to Italian and even Korean.

Morgan’s Place:

Morgan’s Place in Dharamkot is a very offbeat cafe with some really funky, aesthetic decor. Their restaurant is themed after the book/movie Alice in Wonderland and their menu reflects it best. They serve all popular breakfast options, tea/coffee, a wide range of pasta and some really fun mocktails too. They also have an outlet in Goa and are well-loved there. A NomadGao coconut can avail some fun discounts at the restaurant too!

Khanabadosh Cafe

Serving some of Dharamkot’s cosiest breakfast and warmest of views, the Khanabadosh Cafe is known for its North Indian and South Indian dishes. Go there for their butter paneer masala, podi idli, dabeli, misal pao, and oreo shake! 

Trek and Dine

Trek and Dine is the landmark to look for after you enter Dharamkot. It is a closed dine-in with outdoor seating that feels like a cosy hug. The establishment is located right on the main road so you get to witness life passing by around you. They serve a wide range of cuisines from Indian to Continental so rest assured, your belly will be as satisfied as your soul.

Moonlight Cafe

An aesthetic little eatery serving wood-fired pizza and lip-smacking Irani food, the Moonlight Cafe should be your go-to Sunday brunch destination. They serve a large selection of dishes from Thai, Indian, Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisines as well. They also make a mean cup of cappuccino to help you beat the cold.

Zula Cafe

A warm, cosy cafe right in the arms of Dharamkot’s greenery, the Zula Cafe feels like home. You’ll find a choice of breakfast options here that you can relish in a quiet comfort. They offer Chinese, Tibetan and even Italian dishes. People here tend to become family because of how intimate the place feels.

Lama Bakery

The Lama Bakery is run by a Nepali and should be your go-to place for an evening cup of tea and cake. They also serve savoury snacks and specialise in Yak cheese products which can be worth experimenting with, especially if you are a foodie digital nomad in Dharamkot. See if you can get your hands on their Bhagsu Cake here.

Bodhi Greens

If you are a vegan in Dharamkot, this place is your sanctuary. They serve some wonderful drinks, smoothies and even kombucha. This place in all its cosiness is perfect to start your workday with a filling breakfast. We recommend you try their Muesli and Red Velvet Smoothie.

NomadGao room Dharamkot

If you want to work from the mountains, Dharamkot is the perfect place to be in. Not just because of how quiet it is, but also because of its pristine beauty and cultural diversity. It is in the heart of Himachal and yet far away from the touristy corners. Over the past few months, NomadGao Coconuts have shared their experiences of Dharamkot and what they love about it. Stay tuned for part 2 of working from Dharamkot!

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