Why Is A Coworking Space All That
You Need Right Now?

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

The world today is in the midst of a gigantic transition – not only in the domestic side but also in the professional. Remote work has taken the centre stage for many and has been a life saver, literally! People have been working remotely from their homes, travelling to work by stepping into the world of digital nomadism and hitting up open cafes and coworking spaces for a change of space.  What most of us don’t know is that remote work has its own challenges and not all spaces can beat them!


If you want a smooth transition to remote work and have an uninterrupted workflow, coworking spaces are what you should be hunting for! Remote work can be fun if you do it right! Here are a few reasons to pick coworking spaces over anything else –


Find Your Tribe and Get Networking!

Throwback to the communities we've built at NomadGao!

Working from home can get lonely. If you’re someone who thrives on social interactions, coworking spaces provide for a fun playground for like-minded people to interact. You can find your tribe right here! As compared to cafes or parks, the crowd in a coworking space is more refined. Regardless of whether you are an office employee, a freelancer, a businessman or  wannabe entrepreneur, these spaces could be great networking opportunities! 

Just imagine – all kinds of professionals coming together in one room for remote work! It’s like an offline LinkedIn right there! The opportunities to connect with people who could help take your business forward are endless! This is literally why we have NomadConnects in our coworking spaces! Who knows, they could be your home away from home!

Great Wi-Fi and Backup

Yes, most of us love using the internet as an excuse to get out of work meetings. But there are times when the lack of a good internet makes us want to throw things every way! Coworking spaces are intentionally designed to provide high speed internet with backup so your work never stops! If you’re someone working from home or planning to work from rural spaces, the bandwidth offered by coworking spaces could be a blessing! Trust us! Moreover, in our opinion, the sooner you finish your day’s work, the sooner you can go have fun and do other things you love!

Ergonomic Furniture

Not anywhere can be a workspace! Your back needs love and support to keep it from falling apart! Coworking spaces are designed for long work hours and hence are equipped with all kinds of things to give you comfort! Chairs with the right kind of bounce and back support, tables at just the perfect height to save your neck and so on! NomadGao even has seating on the floor for those who hate dangling their legs all day!

Deep Work

Okay, so some of us like it quiet. And yes, coworking spaces can get noisy sometimes. Coworking spaces are designed to facilitate productivity and keep you motivated! Moreover, a lot of workspaces offer silent coworking spaces as well for those who would like to get their work done in peace and quiet. They’re great for staying productive and away from distractions! So when we say cafes and parks can’t give you what a coworking space can, this is what we mean!

Work - Life Separation

For those who’re tired of making their bed their office, coworking spaces can be great dividers of your personal and professional lives. Yes, you could always set up a WFH corner at home but not everyone has the luxury to do that! People living with their families or roommates could find it difficult to set up multiple workspaces. It could also get crowded and violent if you start fighting over who gets the common plug points and divided Wifi speed! So yeah, coworking spaces can be great for creating your personal office and violence-free workspace! Plus, you’ll also have a reason to put on fun outfits everyday!

Coworking spaces are the future of remote work. For those who’re stepping outside of their homes for the first time into the world of work from anywhere, this is a great place to start. The world of remote work and digital nomadism awaits for anyone who dares to take the first step! Don’t you want the best of both worlds?

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