The Calm Hustle Retreat

Can “calm” and “hustle” go hand-in-hand?

March 23, 2024 to March 30, 2024

NomadGao Dharamkot,

Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Are you looking to declutter your life, reconnect with nature and bring back balance to your life?

The image shows digital nomads in India in a forest in Naggar Himachal Pradesh India

What is the calm hustle retreat?

Calm Hustle Retreat is a Transformative Week Designed for Growth-minded individuals to slow down, connect with nature, declutter life, and hustle mindfully.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to live a more balanced life.
  • Busy professionals seeking freedom.
  • People on a career break figuring out the next move.
  • Creators who are overwhelmed by social media.
  • Professionals looking for a purposeful break

The Calm Hustle Routine

The retreat will focus on work-life balance and healthy habit building.

the image shows a digital nomad peacefully meditation to avoid remote work burnout

Morning Routine - Yoga, Journaling, Meditation & More


Work - 4-Hour workdays & Productivity Hacks

The image shows healthy food

Wellness - Mindful Eating, Sleep Schedules & Movement

Community Meetup Goa

Slow Down & Connect - Sharing Circles Everyday


Minimalism - Do more with less, declutter life & do a digital detox

Ready for the Transformation?

If there is one place that symbolizes calm hustle, it’s Dharamsala. Home to HH Dalai Lama, Dharamsala region has a sense of calmness in the air. The magnificent Himalayas show us that there is always a new and higher peak to conquer.



NomadGao is located in Dharamsala’s Dharamkot village, inhabited by a nomadic community called the Gaddis. Gaddis live the calm hustle life and travel across the mountains with their cattle.



NomadGao Dharamkot overlooks the majestic mountains with 10 private rooms that blend with the nature around.

The Location

The image shows nomadgao founder Mayur Sontakke in Indonesia

The Facilitator

Mayur took a path less travelled and has been building NomadGao from places like Goa and Dharamsala. Over the years, Mayur and his wife, Joy, have designed a calm hustle lifestyle for themselves by unschooling their 3 kids, surrounding themselves with other calm hustlers,  and living a nomadic life. 


Mayur is on a mission to promote calm hustle among young Indian professionals.

These 8 Days will Change how you Hustle!

INR 35,000+GST (Single Occupancy)
INR 25,000+GST (Twin Sharing)

Have any questions?

The image shows a digital nomad in the mountains


The Calm Hustle Retreat does not cover your travel cost and any additional expenses incurred by you on sightseeing, shopping, laundry or eating outside in Dharamkot.  

Yes, we offer additional services such as airport pickups, guided tours, local experiences, and meals.

The NomadGao Dharamkot Coliving Space does not have any meeting rooms. 

Our wifi speed at NomadGao coworking spaces is 100 Mbps, with 50 Mbps backup speeds from different providers to ensure consistency.

There is a full-day on-site inverter for WiFi in case of power cuts.

Since the focus on the Calm Hustle retreat is balanced living, it’s not ideal for busy people. We will have light (~4-5 hour) workdays. If you still want to have the NomadGao Experience, you can join us as a coliving member by booking here. Alternatively, you can join our future Calm Hustle editions too.

The retreat’s focus is inward – on habit formation, decluttering life, deep work, and authentic human connection. Thus, the agenda does not include sightseeing. Feel free to add a few days before the retreat or after in case you want to explore Dharamkot. You can book your stay at NomadGao during the extended time here.

Absolutely not. The retreat is designed for professionals from all walks of life who want to build healthy habits, redesign their life, find their purpose and connect with nature.

We will be delighted to host the retreat for your team. At NomadGao, we also organize exclusive team retreats and workations. Find more details here.

The retreat is a week-long gathering of professionals who want to grow together, build healthy habits, live a balanced life, and connect with nature. Think of it as an accountability group coming together and making those little changes to live a better, purposeful life. While one week is too short to achieve big changes, you can expect the retreat to be a catalyst.

Staying true to the core theme of balanced living, we will serve healthy, balanced food during the retreat including fruits, vegetables & proteins. We will also practice eating early to reset our body clocks.

To achieve full benefits of the retreat, we recommend switching off all the digital devices by 7pm. Reach out to us in case you want to be a part of the retreat but have a valid reason to stay connected to digital devices post 7pm.

The core theme of the retreat is to build a refreshing morning routine. By skipping the core part, you may not get the best benefits out of the retreat. We recommend you to join us at NomadGao Coliving in that case.

The retreat is designed for adults above the age of 21. We are planning for more family friendly retreats in the future. Please fill this form to stay in touch.

Absolutely. We will do more retreats in destinations around India and abroad. Fill this form to stay updated.

Absolutely. The retreat is open to everyone.

Still have queries?

Reach out to us for getting your
questions solved. You can email us with your concerns and problems

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