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Upcoming Retreats

Calm Hustle,

Let Goa's sea winds & warmth facilitate your journey as you embrace slow living, mindful hustle and a balanced but growth-oriented lifestyle.

global digital nomads in india hacker paradise retreat travel the world

NomadGao x Hacker Paradise

Experience the magic of Goa with global nomads, level-up your game with the pros, make lasting memories and build connections of a lifetime!

the image shows digital nomad community in india on completion of 2 years

Calm Hustle,

Hustle mindfully in the Himalayas, with a community of growth-oriented individuals to slow down, spend time in nature, disconnect and realign yourself.

Digital nomad family retreat

Family Retreats

*COMING SOON* Travel with your partner and little one(s) and create a fulfilling, focused and fun experience living and growing together!

Why book a retreat with NomadGao?

Digital Nomad community Goa India

NomadGao wants to empower Indian digital natives to build a lifestyle fuelled by the freedom of choice. Travel more, work remotely, meet new people, spend time with family, live in a forest or build a more mindful minimalistic lifestyle. Let NomadGao’s experience and community help you get there.


We aim to create secure environments throughout India for thinkers, doers, creatives, entrepreneurs, nomads, and anyone seeking knowledge. Let’s empower each other to live an enriching life full of exciting experiences.

If it feels too good to be true, listen to people who experienced it.

The image shows a digital nomad in India Priya Majumdar Goa

“The coworking space us nice and makes you go into flow. The team is very supportive & approachable & community events are fun! Highly recommended if you’re travelling solo!”

Digital nomad in india Sarthak Jain Naggar

“Very peaceful place to live for weeks or months. Amazing view, Fast wifi, Well maintained and premium property, Great food, Nice places to visit nearby & friendly management.”

The image shows a guest at NomadGao Vaibhav Khanna Dharamkot

“Absolutely loved my stay at NomadGao! One of the best locations in Dharamkot, rooms are premium, views are extraordinary, Wifi was fast and zenspace is really nicely set up.”

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