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Connect and collaborate.
Plan team-building retreats in nature.

We curate team retreats for companies and remote teams, so they can engage, get things done, and enjoy nature!

To attract and retain top talent, offering perks that go beyond just financial compensation is important. We understand that setting up your team to work and live from anywhere for extended periods can be daunting. That’s why we take care of all the details for you, so you can focus on building your team and business.

Our carefully curated retreats and workations offer your employees flexibility, a better quality of life, and a sense of purpose. By immersing themselves in nature, we believe they will be happier, healthier, and more productive. Let us handle the employee experience while you reap the benefits of having a highly engaged and motivated team.

Team Retreats

Connect and collaborate. Plan team-building retreats in nature.


Work and Collaborate with your team at our workspaces


Engage your team with curated team-building activities


Stay comfortably in our carefully designed coliving areas


Save office rental costs in crowded and polluted urban cities


Let us plan your retreat so that you can focus on your business.

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Why should you plan your next retreat at NomadGao?

If you’re looking for a memorable experience while hosting a work retreat, celebrating with friends, or just travelling, NomadGao is a perfect choice. Our offerings include fantastic accommodations, co-working and social spaces, local tours and activities, and delicious food –

with NomadGao, you’ll have it all.

Our Coliving Experience

The NomadGao Experience thrives on community-centric experiences that enable us to connect, collaborate and grow together.

Benefits of having Team Retreats
at NomadGao

Your New Office Address

Remote work can save you money, but what about team engagement? We are there for you! Over the past 3 years, startups and corporate teams have called NomadGao their base for a while to get the most out of remote work! How about getting out of those Zoom meetings and Zooming into nature?

Build Company Culture

It’s hard to build a solid company culture remotely, but it's harder to nudge the team members to move back to crowded, polluted, expensive big cities. How about using NomadGao as a base to bring your team on the same page and inspire them to work towards your vision and mission?

Build an A-Team

How about a treasure hunt in the jungle to bring out the best of teamwork? A game of football? A trek, maybe? Or how about fighting for the mic during a karaoke night? Our team events and activities are carefully designed to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

How About Employee

Being close to nature has advantages for mental and physical well-being. Start your days with yoga, and end them with sunset walks. Use the weekends to take your team for beach volleyball or camping in the mountains. Develop a community within your team. A happy and connected team can do wonders!

team retreats in nomadgao goa

Be an Employer
of Choice

Attract talented professionals by allowing them to work out of any NomadGao location. Build your brand as an employer and build a great team with it. Attract talent from anywhere because they would love to be anywhere their heart feels!


Live in functionally designed coliving spaces for digital nomads and remote workers close to nature.

Our standard team retreat package includes living arrangements and coworking spaces.

Yes, we offer additional services such as airport pickups, guided tours, local experiences, and meals.

Yes, our NomadGao coworking space has meeting rooms, call booths, and coworking desk options.

Our wifi speed at NomadGao coworking spaces is 100 Mbps, with 50 Mbps backup speeds from different providers to ensure consistency.

There is a full-day on-site inverter for WiFi in case of power cuts.

We have extensive local knowledge and can help you create the perfect retreat.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with details such as how long you would like to stay, when you plan to arrive, and how many people you want to bring along. Feel free to include any additional requirements, such as meals or suggested activities for your team.

Still having queries?

Reach out to us for getting your
questions solved. You can email us with your concerns and problems

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