NomadGao's Community

Community, collaboration and a boundless spirit of empathy and adventure are the heart and soul of the NomadGao Experience.

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Find Your Tribe

Whether you're travelling solo or with others, enhance your experience as a digital nomad at NomadGao by connecting with likeminded people from around the world.

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Collaborate & Grow

Connect with professionals from various backgrounds, brainstorm, share skills, collaborate, be mindful, find your accountability partners within the NomadGao Community.

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Have Fun

Travel together, share stories over bonfires and BBQs, explore the local culture, get competitive over board games, go surfing or trekking, go bar hopping and be your silliest on karaoke nights!

What Happens at NomadGao

Community that we are building...

NomadGao is more than just a place to stay – it’s a community of growth-minded location- independent professionals. 
The NomadGao Community Experience fosters human connection, exploration, learning and fun (of course!).  Your tribe at NomadGao will stay with you for life!
If you are a digital nomad or working remotely, join our community and experience the joy of living, working, and sharing with like-minded people!
Join our community and experience the joy of living, working, and sharing with like-minded people!

Community @ NomadGao

What does our community say about us?

The image shows a digital nomad in India Priya Majumdar Goa

“The coworking space us nice and makes you go into flow. The team is very supportive & approachable & community events are fun! Highly recommended if you’re travelling solo!”

Digital nomad in india Sarthak Jain Naggar

“Very peaceful place to live for weeks or months. Amazing view, Fast wifi, Well maintained and premium property, Great food, Nice places to visit nearby & friendly management.”

The image shows a guest at NomadGao Vaibhav Khanna Dharamkot

“Absolutely loved my stay at NomadGao! One of the best locations in Dharamkot, rooms are premium, views are extraordinary, Wifi was fast and zenspace is really nicely set up.”

Join us at NomadGao

Reach out to us for getting your questions solved. 

You can email us with your concerns and problems.

NomadGao Passport

Something that you will cherish for life

Get access to NomadGao Passport, a unique community membership program for local discounts at different locations across India.

NomadGao Resident Program

NomadGao Resident Program is an initiative for passionate individuals building a thriving ecosystem for digital nomads in India.


By volunteering as a resident, you will build a vibrant community with us while enjoying the bliss of coliving and coworking in some of India’s most beautiful destinations.

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