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Coliving, Coworking, and Services for Digital Nomads in India

Do you have a property that suits NomadGao?

We are always looking for partnerships to develop the next destination’s coliving, coworking, and community infrastructure for people who work remotely.

What's in it for you?

remote jobs for digital nomads

Increase your earning potential by up to 100% with NomadGao

Higher occupancies and friendly guests from around the world

More long-term stays and fewer operational difficulties.

Our current partners

Are you a service provider looking to expand your reach?

With our network of places and global community, we always look for awesome service providers. This includes cafes, gyms, fitness or yoga studios, restaurants, local experience agencies, and more.

What's in it for you?

Access the global network of NomadGao.

Increase your top-line revenues.

Increase your brand's awareness.

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Get in touch and provide us with your details


Review our proposal and sign the contract


Transform your property or business with the NoamdGao network

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