Live in a community of
like-minded global remote workers!

NomadGao Coliving

Live close to nature in functionally designed coliving spaces for digital nomads and remote workers.

NomadGao's Community

Community, collaboration and a boundless spirit of empathy and adventure are the heart and soul of the NomadGao Experience.

Find Your Tribe

Whether you’re travelling solo or with others, enhance your experience as a digital nomad at NomadGao by connecting with likeminded people from around the world.

Collaborate and Grow

Connect with passionateConnect with professionals from various backgrounds, brainstorm, share skills, collaborate, be mindful, find your accountability partners within the NomadGao Community.

Have Fun

Travel together, share stories over bonfires and BBQs, explore the local culture, get competitive over board games, go surfing or trekking, go bar hopping and be your silliest on karaoke nights!

NomadGao Coliving Locations

Live close to nature in functionally designed coliving spaces 

for digital nomads and remote workers.

The image shows NomadGao's Coliving Space in Goa, India

NomadGao Anjuna

Live in the lush green landscape close to nature, just a km from the beach and enjoy tropical Goa.

The image shows NomadGao's Coliving Space in Himachal Pradesh India

NomadGao Dharamkot

Live close to nature in the misty Dhauladhar Himalayan range and enjoy Dharamkot's weather.


Coliving refers to sharing your living spaces with other like-minded people. We have a common area, a coworking space and a rich community that you can connect with judgement-free.

We are a shared living space for remote workers and digital nomads and quite different from a backpacker hostel. We allow travellers the privacy of a home /airbnb, the shared facilities (like a kitchen and laundry room) that would not be available to them at a hostel, and the affordability that a long-term stay in a hotel wouldn’t provide. We also organise curated events for the community that allow for colaboration.

In each of our locations, you will find 200MBPS + internet speed. The internet is best in our locations and we can bet on that. We also have backup broadband lines.

We do not provide room service as the  F&B centres in all our locations are self service based.

During your stay at NomadGao, you will have access to Coworking space, meeting rooms, call rooms, White board, free coffee-tea and a fun community to hang out with.

We are proud to say this and we have had almost 50% occupancy of females since our inception, that speaks a lot about how females feel at NomadGao. We are also chosen as the official partners of On her way which is a solo female travel community.

Yes we can arrange for airport pickup/drop, you will be billed on actuals.

Yes we can connect with you with our trusted car/bike rental dealers. You will be billed on actuals.

The value of NomadGao experience lies in community interactions, however on days when you feel like being in your own cocoon, you can just be in your private space or the deep work zone, where no one will come talk to you. We offer a space that gives you a balance between privacy and social life. You are free to choose.

In Assagao and Villa Nova-Goa, we have an in-house chef that makes fresh home made breakfast and lunch on pre order basis. In Dharamkot, we have a lot of cafes and restaurants that serves different kinds of foods. You can use NomadGao Passport to avail some special benefits with our partner restaurants.

When you purchase a cowork/colive membership for any of our properties in Goa, you are automatically granted access to each one of our cowork spaces in Goa. We also have monthly/annual packages that allow you access to both our Goa and Himachal proeprties.

We run a program called NomadGao passport where we have partnered with our community’s favorite cafes, restaurants, gyms, saloons to give our members some extra benefits on our partner’s products and services. The list keeps growing every week.

All our locations are open 24 hours everyday, so you can work across time zones with ease. (Subject to events happening in space.) 

Yes you can! If you want something to be delivered, our front desk manager or community manager could take care of it. Use the address mentioned on the Google listing.


Villa Nova coworking has dedicated meeting rooms and call rooms where you can take your calls with privacy. We will soon have call rooms in all our locations.

We are always looking for people who have something valuable to share to our community. Just reach out to  our community manager to see if we can collaborate.

Please send us an email here with details about you or your business and what sort of partnership you are hoping to set up.

 Both Vila Nova and Assagao locations have coworking, coliving and community events and Secret Garden has private apartments with high speed wifi and power backup. In Secret garden you will have access to a beautiful garden where you can work, chill and relax. It is a perfect location for artists, musicians, people with pets and anyone who wishes to spend some deep work time in seclusion.

In Goa we recommend you to rent a scooter to go around. We can put you in touch with a trusted rental service on arrival. Alternatively, you can hire taxis that can take you around for a day/week to suit your needs.(We can also introduce you to some taxi providers).

In Dharamkot, most of the neighbouring areas are accessible by foot, in case you wish to go out to nearby towns, you can hire a taxi just outside the property at a nominal price.

 We take care of all the linen and towel laundry. In all our locations in Goa, we have a washing machine that can be accessed on demand at a nominal price.
In Dharamkot, we have information and the locations of all the local laundries. Our community manager will be happy to assist you.

Have other questions?

Reach out to us to get your questions solved.

You can email us with your concerns and problems.

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