NomadGao Flexi – Your Passport to Live and Work from Anywhere

Work from Anywhere is the future

The pandemic has opened new horizons for us. The office is fast becoming history. At the same time, working from home has been isolating for many. Hybrid remote work only adds to the complexity by having to stay in a crowded, polluted, expensive city even when you are not going to office full time. With new tools being developed and the great resignation happening everywhere due to reluctance to go to office, it’s just matter of time before work from anywhere becomes a norm. Afterall, what work you do should matter more than where you do it!

Can I really work from anywhere?

That’s the question I kept asking myself back in 2014 when I was working remotely but didn’t have courage to leave the comfort zone of my home. I thought working while travelling would be distracting.

The following year, I got the answer when I started travelling full-time while working for a startup. I realized that it’s more distracting to be working from home with the bed around the corner and noisy relatives not realizing that you have a remote job. Back then, my relatives even used to ask me if I have a job since remote work wasn’t very popular in India.

Along the way, I learnt that I could separate my work and life by choosing to work from cafes and coworking spaces. However, it wasn’t always easy to find them in places I wanted to live in (read: Close to nature). Moreover, long stays in a community of likeminded people were hard to find. So I decided to start NomadGao to create coworking-coliving communities in beautiful Indian villages.

To be able to work from anywhere, you need a supportive manager, discipline, and openness to explore.

About NomadGao

NomadGao is a network of coworking-coliving communities. Think about it as a more professional hostel with no dorms and a curated community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals working remotely. At NomadGao, people have option to have personal time when they want while having the social life and fun atmosphere of a hostel. Moreover, we offer productive work environment with access to coworking space, ergonomic seating, multiple broadband connections, power backup. However, the real deal is our curated community full of entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and professionals working for global companies.

NomadGao in Goa

We have 2 locations in Goa – Assagao and Anjuna. Assagao is a quaint village with lots of greenery, fields, and beautiful old portuguese villas everywhere. The little village is home to some of the best cafes and restaurants Goa has to offer.

Anjuna needs no introduction. From great music scene to the famed flea market, it has a charm that has attracted travellers for decades.

NomadGao in Himachal Pradesh (Dharamkot)

I spent over a year in Himachal and that was life-changing for me. When we started NomadGao, we knew that we wanted to strike the balance between the mountains and the sea. I’m happy to announce that we are opening NomadGao in beautiful Dharamkot village in Himachal Pradesh. With this, we are ready to offer the flexibility to be anywhere to our beloved coconuts!

About The Passes

Our passes allow people the flexibility to be wherever they want to without having to worry about stay, internet, power backup, and community. For starters, we have a 7-day experience pass that they can use to experience what happens at NomadGao. Thereafter, they can go for longer passes to get reduced rates and to have more flexibility.

The passes save you from dynamic pricing and restrictions only apply during 40 days in a year during the peak season. The passholders also become permanent members of NomadGao community. We do a lot of offline community activities currently and have planned a big online push in the coming months!

Remote work can be isolating and disengaging. By being part of our community, you can mingle with likeminded people, make new friends, collaborate, and make unforgettable memories!

For any queries on the pass, you can contact us on 8888618466. Following is the link to know more about and buy the passes!

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