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Beautiful Goa province beach in India with fishing boats and stones in the sea

The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Work from Goa

Hello digital nomads,


We’re so glad you’re considering a workation in Goa! It’s such a lovely state – perfect for slow days filled with productivity and plenty of rest! Most people think susegado means laziness, that Goans like not doing work and wasting their time making merry and catching sunsets. Which is simply not true! Goans just take rest seriously. Life is not all work and we all know how toxic the hustle culture really is! Some of us have been afraid of losing that promotion because we went for drinks after work! Which isn’t the way things run in this little slice of heaven. You work when you have to work and you rest when you have to rest. You don’t wait for the pot to spill over.


Just a little summary about Goa to you – we’re a small state in  the southwest of India, We use the same currency as the rest of the country i.e. Indian Rupee (INR) denoted by the symbol ₹. Goans speak Konkani, Marathi, Hindi, English and a little bit of Portuguese too! We love the seafood, sea, mountains, lakes and forests of our state! Goans are hospitable and kind and love fangirling over their motherland!


But working at a new destination, and planning to stay long-term can be a task. You’d like to know what the best way to do things would be and what the weather’s really like and if you’d need to climb mountains to find the internet and so on! So worry not fellow digital nomads, we’ve got you covered. We’ve tried our best to compile everything that digital nomads from our community would’ve liked to know before they got here.


We hope this helps!

What will you find in this guide?

  • North Goa vs South Goa – where to Go?
  • Villages in Goa
  • Getting to Goa
  • COVID Tests and getting Vaccinated
  • What to pack?
  • Transport to get around in Goa
  • Stays for Workations
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Connectivity
  • Gadget –  How to Find and Fix
  • Food – what to eat and where
  • Where to go apart from the beaches?
  • Finding your community
  • Festivals of Goa
  • Scams to Beware of
  • Emergency Contacts

North Goa vs South Goa – where to go?

This is starting to become a newfound dilemma, especially if you’re here for the short term. But again, since this guide was designed keeping in mind the digital nomad community, the answers will surround the needs and requirements of these remote works. South Goa is beautiful, no lies. It’s untouched by too much infrastructural development and so retains its natural beauty. And yet, it doesn’t cater to digital nomads yet. You’ll find some fun travellers hostels where you can work but hostels generally have one common space which can get noisy. Unlike South Goa, North Goa starting up from Panjim city is decked with some wonderful cafe-cum-coworking spaces that are quiet and welcome like-minded crowds. We’ll talk about them later in the guide.


We suggest finding a coliving in the North and then exploring the South on your days off or weekends. We’ve added names of some lovely sights you can go see and information about how you can get there.


Places in North Goa


Capital of Goa and one of the most chill “cities” we’ve seen! It can get crowded and busy but it has a homespun air about it. The entire city with its modern and ancient corners feels like a home you belong to but had forgotten for a long time! Do check it out for its liveliness and amazing food!



Goa’s well-kept secret that’s been hidden away neatly in between the busier, more popular locations that have overshadowed its beauty. Finding Assagao is like being let in on a world that is yet undiscovered. Lush green fields and lots of quiet – it can be your ideal escape!



Goa’s own little bubble of joy, Mapusa is a busy little city and so very full of life. It’s got some of the best street food of Goa and a Friday market that will take your breath away!



They are Goa’s hippie side. We’ve got some really pretty flea markets, some great beaches and some more amazing cafes and restaurants! All neatly blended with Goa’s charming rural vibe!



They say Aldona is Goa’s most beautiful village and honestly, we think we know why. Rivers, forts, pretty churches and prettier roads, you won’t regret driving around here! 


Getting To Goa –

Now a lot of people think of Panaji but don’t know that Panaji doesn’t have a train station. The train stations that Goa does have are a little on the outskirts and can be daunting to pick. Apart from that, Goa also has plenty of bus stands and one airport that’s conveniently located in the middle of the South and North parts of Goa. So how do you pick?


COVID-19 Regulations for Goa as of 29/7/20

To get to Goa, you currently need to be able to provide a negative RT-PCR/TrueNAT/CBNAAT/Rapid Antigen Test from ICMR accredited labs done within the last 72hrs. RT-PCR/TrueNAT/CBNAAT/Rapid Antigen Test timeline starts from the swab collection time. Passengers not fulfilling the requirements shall be denied boarding at the origin station.


If you’re someone coming to Goa for business or employment purposes, you will be exempted from this rule. Do get in touch with us if you have any queries. 


Visit for updates or for information related to testing centres, oxygen, vaccination etc. 



So there is one airport in Dabolim that connects with flights with most Indian and International airports. You can easily find cabs at the airport that shouldn’t charge you more than 1000 rupees to go to Panaji and Margao. Both are approximately 30 km from here. There is a local taxi aggregator app, GoaMiles (available on Android and iOS) that you can use for airport transfers. However, it’s unreliable in most cases. 


The closest village near the airport would be Chicalim. If you take the road directly opposite the airport, you’ll come across a few restaurants, supermarkets, ATMs, Pharmacies and liquor stores. At the end of the road, you’ll also find the Sub-District Hospital in case of any medical emergencies. We’ll talk about Hospitals in more detail later.


You’ll also find the city of Vasco Da Gama if you take a left at the junction and drive down straight. The city is small but pretty and hosts some wonderful hotels and restaurants in case you do need them.




Goa has plenty of train stations but the most accessible ones i.e. where most trains would stop are –



If your destination is in North Goa, we suggest you book your ticket up to Thivim. Thivim is about 20 km from all of NomadGao’s Assagao property. You can get a cab, buses, pilots and even auto-rickshaws from there.




Karmali is closer to Panaji and the rest of central Goa. So if you’re planning on staying in and around the capital city, make sure you get down at Karmali.


Vasco Da Gama

Trains that go to Vasco stop there i.e. it is generally the last stop. So unless you’re planning on exploring the town or heading to the airport from there, there isn’t much else to do there. Yet it’s a fun escape for some peace and quiet!




The Madgaon Railway station connects tourists to the South of Goa. You may not find buses here but the cabs and rikshaws are there to save the day! If you’re on a budget, you can take a cab to the Kadamba bus stand in Margao which will take you to the most haunted spots of South Goa! 


Speaking of Bus stands, the two major ones are in Panaji and Margao but you’ll definitely find a bus depot in most towns and cities of Goa. The intercity buses are more infrequent in the villages like Majorda, Utorda in the South and Aldona, Moira in the North, but they’re running. A little patience always goes a long way.


COVID Tests and Getting Vaccinated


There are no Private ICMR approved labs in Goa but Victor Hospitals do it in most parts of Goa

  • Victor Hospitals

Address: Old Station Rd, near Carmelite Monastery, Malbhat, Margao, Goa 403601

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 0832 672 8888


The following labs also do home visits for sample collections



The names of these labs aren’t included in the ICMR’s list of approved labs but some of them do claim to have been approved so we advise you to do it at your own risk.



Most schools that are vaccination centres in Goa help you with offline registrations. The CM keeps launching special vaccine drives and you can always keep an eye on the Prudent Media page for notification of the same.


Things to remember, what to carry?


Goa is well-known for its humidity. Needless to say, wearing anything but cotton means prolonged discomfort. So carry light cotton or rayon clothes, loose pants, shorts, dresses and skirts. They’ll never go wrong! Carry slippers for the beach and shoes if you plan on trekking. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must for summers and winters.


Winters can get a little chilly during the nights and early mornings, but a light sweater should suffice. Goa gets pretty cold during the rains too so along with your raincoats and umbrellas, carry a sweater too.


Stick to short clothes in the rain so that they don’t get dirty. Sometimes water levels rise on the streets and it can be a task to move around in wet pants and skirts.


Apart from that, Goa’s monsoon can be ruthless as it can be beautiful. It’s an experience waiting to be tapped into but one needs to be prepared for the following things –


  • Power Cuts
  • Bad Internet
  • Traffic Jams (in some places)


So make sure you carry backup with you and hook up with hostels/ coliving spaces that have a backup as well. Jio works fine throughout the state along with Airtel. We know bad internet and powercut are just unwanted for digital nomads so we’ve made sure that NomadGao’s coliving and coworking spaces are well-equipped with power backup and multiple internet lines.


Getting Around in Goa –

Getting around in Goa has become a cakewalk thanks to rental vehicles. You can rent a bike or a car easily from anywhere. Even if you’re stuck somewhere but are in touch with the right kind of people, they’ll get the bike to you.


The general rate is about 300 -450 rs for scooters and they generally give discounts if you rent long term. 


Here you go, we made it easy for you!

  • Sushant +91 79723 72800 (Assagao)
  • Priyesh +91 99235 15279 (Anjuna)
  • Anes +91 93732 60465 (Panjim)


For cycles

  • Pahiya +91 9106871984 (Anjuna)


For electric Bikes


As we said before, Goa has well-connected bus routes as well. You’ll find buses to most Goan towns and villages at the KTC Bus Stand in Panaji (add location). If you can’t then there’s a high chance you’ll find them at the Mapusa bus stand. Buses to Mapusa run every 15 mins from the Panjim KTC. Make sure you take the direct bus since it doesn’t take stops in between and is faster.


Pilots, as we said before, are also another great option. No, these pilots don’t fly planes. They fly motorcycles and are pretty feasible. Make sure you practice a few Konkani phrases as they tend to give discounts to locals. 


Cabs are always there, but we do recommend using them as a last resort. Cabs in Goa can be exorbitant and burn a hole in your pocket. GoaMiles is a cheaper option but the cabs have been known to be unreliable sometimes.


If you’re into staying fit, you can always rent out cycles too. BLive and Pahiya rent out electric cycles and NomadGao has a few regular ones of its own too. We won’t lie, the scenic roads make cycling worth it!


Finally, an experience that you should definitely partake in is the Goan Ferries – boats that transport people and their vehicles to villages that are across rivers.


Here are some ferry routes – But try taking the ferries when there are no heavy rains. Although there have been no incidents so far, the ferries are stopped when the water levels rise and you could get stuck somewhere where you don’t want to be.


Stays for workations

Apartments/ Villas


There are plenty of apartments available on the numerous Goa groups on Facebook. Networking Goa and Goa for Digital Nomads area couple that we recommend. If you’re looking to rent an apartment long-term then it is important to remember that you’ll need to put down deposits, pay electricity bills and maintenance charges separately, find a furnished apartment or rent your furniture and any cookware that you might need and the lease usually has a tenure. Rents for apartments start at 15,000-20,000 rs for 1bhks. Anyone promising you a cheaper stay, especially in the more happening parts of Goa is definitely lying. Apart from that, finding apartments for rent for a shorter duration could be much more expensive and difficult too. 


There are also people who ask you for money to show you a flat and then disappear. Do make sure you don’t pay anyone anything before a proper agreement is signed. That way, you’re safe. Ideally, people looking for a longer stay in Goa check in at NomadGao until they can find a long-term apartment. We believe it’s better to go scour for properties yourself instead of trying to find something online.


NomadGao also has private apartments and villas that eliminate all fuss of renting an apartment. We’ve got spacious workspaces, wifi and backup which beats whatever money you could be saving on renting an apartment/ villa. Rest assured, we’ve got your private and team workations sorted.



Are up and coming, introducing the idea of budget travel in Goa! Yes, hostels with their dorms are fun if you’re planning to travel and take a vacation. You get to meet solo travellers like you, people with some amazing secrets and fun travel stories. Some hostels we recommend in Goa are –

  • Lost Hostels, Palolem
  • Gostel, Palolem
  • Jungle by Sturmfrei
  • Woke, Mandrem


You’ll find buses to Palolem from the Margao KTC. To get to Margao KTC, there are many buses that run from Panjim KTC. Make sure to board the direct shuttle as there are non-direct buses too that take stops and could delay your journey. Apart from that, there are always cabs and rented bikes and cars.

Jungle, Vagator


The buses that will bring you to NomadGao will take you to Vagator too. But they’re infrequent so we strongly recommend renting a vehicle or taking a cab.


On another note, if you’re looking towards Goa as a workation destination then we suggest you opt for coliving and coworking spaces. They’re designed around creating a productive environment and offer the kind of quiet you would want in your workspace. Plus, you can build a great offline network from a coworking space. We also have a blog on how co-living spaces like NomadGao are different from hostels. 


Coliving / Coworking spaces –

Since this guide was primarily intended for a digital nomad looking to work from Goa for the long-term, coliving spaces are what you should be looking at! Like we said before, a coliving space is your dream apartment minus the fuss of having to actually rent an apartment from scratch. 


The best part about a coliving space is the network, the community of people who have similar goals and can be of great help to each other.


Coworking and Coliving spaces like NomadGao offer great broadband, power backups and an overall fun working experience. Goa is rebranding itself as a workation destination and you can make the best of it while you have time, only if you look in the right places!


NomadGao is currently the only coworking/coliving space in Goa. 







How to get there?

You can take a cab to Assagao from the Airport or railway station. The cab drivers are generally pretty familiar with the roads so they’ll know where to take you. If you’re taking a bus, you’ll find buses to Mapusa from the Panaji KTC, from where you have to board a bus to Assagao/Anjuna. The maps will show you where to get down.


Goa has a few other coworking spaces that we think are definitely worth checking out!


Cafe Rasa, Panjim


They have great coffee, great cakes and a really aesthetic workspace in an old Indo-Portuguese building. They charge 300 per hour for using the coworking space and the wifi. There is a separate cafe if you’re not looking to use the coworking space.




How to get there?

Take a bus from the Panjim KTC to Miramar and ask the conductor to drop you off at the first petrol pump near Subway. Upstairs in the building with the Subway outlet is where you’ll find Cafe Rasa.


91Springboard, Panjim

91Springboard is a proper office-like space with all kinds of offices for rent. They even have a cafe and it is a pretty fun working experience, especially for larger teams.




How to get there?

Take a bus from the Panjim KTC and get down at Kala Academy. Take the road opposite Kala Academy and you should find it somewhere there.


MeWo, Panjim

Mewo is a pretty coworking space in Patto. Patto is a walking distance from Panjim KTC and MeWo should be pretty easy to find.



Clay, Anjuna

Clay is close to the Anjuna beach and we suggest taking your own vehicle (either rented or owned) to get there. Clay is housed in a beautiful Portuguese-era bungalow with a spacious lawn in the front. They serve great food and also have a pop-up bar. If you are looking to meet fellow digital nomads in a fun way, their game nights are epic! 




Felix, Anjuna

Felix is right next to NomadGao’s Vilanova and you should really check it out for its rustic vibe and some really aesthetic decor. The Anjuna buses from Mapusa will take you here and you can always go in your own vehicle.





Like we said before, connectivity is poor during the monsoons. In general, too the more rural areas of Goa do tend to take you off the radar and it can get annoying. But a JIO sim generally helps and keeping an Airtel one handy is a good idea too. Just make sure you go to legit stores as there are many scammers waiting to sell you fake deals!


For Airtel, you can book the Postpaid SIM online and they’ll deliver it to your home. For a Prepaid SIM, you can visit the store located in Panaji.


JIO also delivers its SIM to your doorstep so rest assured you’ll have a hassle-free experience.


Locations for outlets:

Airtel, Vasco:

Airtel, Panjim:

Airtel, Margao:

Jio, Panjim: or


Jio, Mapusa:


Jio, Vasco:


Jio, Margao:


Jio, Mapusa:


Here’s giving you a brief insight into the various cellular and internet plans in India –



Yes, we know when one or more of your gadgets stops working, hunting for a service centre at the last minute can be a task! So we’ve put together a list of easy-to-find service centres for your gadget needs!


To buy –

Croma, Porvorim –

iSpace, Panjim –

Reliance Digital, Porvorim – 


For Apple products –

DOT COMP, Saligao ––apple-repairs-products?share


Business Centre, Mapusa

Maps link:


Cam Clinic, Panjim

Maps link:


Alfran Plaza, Panjim

Here you’ll find laptop service stores for almost all brands and some more!

Maps link:


HP World, Margao

Maps link:


Where to Eat? 

Goa’s its own kind of food heaven offering you delightful local cuisine and all kinds of international cuisine too! We’ve compiled some places that we’ve tried and loved as digital nomads, hoping you love them too!



We suggest you open with our local favourites and then experiment with the different cuisines too! Goa has a very delectable selection of local breakfasts that you shouldn’t miss!



  • Jackfruit Tree Cafe, Assagao

We love the authentic Catholic-Goan breakfasts that we find at Jackfruit Tree Cafe. Chicken Cafreal, Goan Chorizo, Roast Pork with hot Poie. They’re reasonably priced too! What’s more? If you’re a NomadGao passport holder, you get 10% off with them! PS They’re also a part of NomadGao Passport, get in touch with us to know more!


  • Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna  

Do try their croissants and coffee, and make sure you get there early, it fills up pretty fast!


  • Kefi, Assagao 

Their cheesecake and Lebanese delicacies are a must-try! The cafe is a brainchild of a local who’s lived in Lebanon for more than 30 years and with him has brought back the beauty of the land with him!

They’re also a member of the NomadGao Passport!

  • Cafe Nata, Anjuna go to them for their Pasteis de Nata! Psst! NomadGao Passport member alert!


  • Takoba, Anjuna, and their dedicated, splendid Taco menu is to die for!


  • Joseph Bakery, Khorlim for Goan snacks


  • The Perfect Cup, Panjim Try their burgers!!


For local Goan veg breakfast –

  • Cafe Bhonsle, Panjim


  • Cafe Tato, Panjim 


  • Cafe Basil, Panjim They’ve got some amazing sandwiches and burgers!


  • Mr Baker, Panjim For all kinds of local Goan snacks! Do try their beef samosas!


  • Bharat Cafe, Margao, for veg Goan breakfast


  • Jackris, Margao For local Goan Snacks


Other honourable mentions-

  • Mon Petit Frère, AJs, Billy’s Cafe, Cafe Frolique, Fe’s Deli, CJs (Margao)


Lunch/ Dinner –


  • Florentine, Saligao Their chicken cafreal is a must try apart from their seafood!


  • Sakana, Anjuna For close to authentic Japanese food and some mind-blowing hot Sake, try Sakana!


  • Dacha Social, Anjuna Their pizzas will leave you reeling! Not to mention, they’re a part of NomadGao Passport!


  • Matcha, Anjuna Home-made Japanese food 


  • Kismoor, Sangolda For some good Goan food and thalis!
  • Vinayak, Assagao This restaurant’s location and food will give you the warm monsoon vibe!
  • Kokni Kanteen, Panjim The restaurant’s Goan vibe and its Sunday special thalis will make you glad you came to Goa!



Goa sets its own theme and pace to the “getting  together for drinks”. We’ve got rustic taverns that have immortalised drinking as an art and a way of life. No bar fights or brawls, just a couple of drinks and wonderful camaraderie! There are taverns in every corner of Goa and they’re all unique and special! If you really want to know what Goa’s alcohol scene is like, here are some taverns that have become special to us over time! 

  • Joseph Bar, Panjim
  • Antonio’s Panjim
  • Guru Bar, Anjuna
  • Escobar, Assagao
  • Sai Bar, Corjuem

Websites to order food online – 

  • Swiggy and Zomato deliver all over North Goa. 
  • delivers delicacies from lesser-known home chefs from locations that could even be farther away.


If you’re tired of the outside food,  we recommend these spots for some “ghar ka khana” vibes –

  • Fish Thalis from Vinayak., Assagao 
  • Cafreal from Florentine’s, Saligao
  • Vindalho from Viva Panjim, Fontainhas
  • Balchao from Mr Baker, Panjim
  • Xacuti and Ross Omelette from Sirsat, Assagao
  • Beef Cutlet Bread, Goan Pork (Choriz Bread) from Noronha’s Food Truck
  • Kolhapuri Thali at Super


Markets – 


The best locations to find a large variety of local produce including fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and dry spices you should definitely take a look at the following markets. Even if you don’t need anything, these markets are worth a trip too!


  • Panjim market, 
  • Mapusa market – 
  • Tip: visit this on Friday for its true feel
  • Vasco market, 
  • Margao market


Psst! Watch out for Mapusa’s Friday market where you’ll find all kinds of handicraft and locally made wares and produce!


Things to do –



  • Cabo De Rama, Canacona
  • Reis Magos, Panjim
  • Mormugao, Vasco
  • Nerul, Nerul
  • Betul, Betul
  • Tirakhol, Pernem
  • Corjuem, Aldona
  • Rachol, Margao
  • Alorna, Alorna



  • Netravali (Medium)
  • Dudhsagar, Sanguem (Medium)
  • Kuskem, Canacona  (Medium)
  • Tambdi Surla, Valpoi (Easy)
  • Maynapi (Hard)
  • Chorla Ghats


We suggest you go on these treks with professionals to avoid any kind of accidents.

  • Goa Hiking Association 

Phone: (0832) 2449120, 9422058071 


  • Offtrail Adventures   

Phone:  +919960054428

  • Youth Hostel Association of India, Goa Branch 


Phone: +91-7827999000


  • ExplorOn 

Phone: +91 7522910776



  • EcoTreks Goa 


Phone :

Durgadas Parab 9422445444

Olympio Almeida 9822168112

  • Trekking Adventures of Goa (TAG) 


Phone: 099235 14068




  • Morjim
  • Vagator
  • Querim
  • Candolim
  • Siolim
  • Sinquerim



  • Galgibaga
  • Agonda
  • Butterfly 
  • Ashwem
  • Velsao
  • Arrossim
  • Palolem


Finding your community- 

  • WAG, Siolim 


  • WorldPackers


  • El Shaddai, Assagao



Festivals of Goa

  • Three Kings, January
  • Carnival, February
  • Easter, March
  • Mussal Khel, March
  • Holi/Shigmo, March
  • Eid, May
  • Sao Joao, July
  • Chikhal Kalo, July
  • Saptah Vasco, August
  • Ganesh Chathurthi, September
  • Christmas, December



SUPERMARKETS (around NomadGao)

  • A1 Shoppe, Assagao 


  • Fortune’s Salon and Supermarket, Assagao


  • 8eleven, Anjuna


  • Larry’s Hub, Anjuna



ATMs and Banks

One thing you should know is that Assagao doesn’t have a lot of ATMs. The closest ones will either be in Mapusa or Anjuna. It’s advisable to carry a little cash in hand. Apart from that almost all stores, including vegetable vendors, take payment through UPI (GPay, PayTM, AmazonPay etc.). If you have a digital mode of payment sorted you won’t be in much trouble. 


Apart from that our VilaNova property is located pretty close to many ATMs. Here are locations to some so you’re not stuck or stranded anywhere.


SBI, Anjuna – 

Axis Bank, Anjuna – 

HDFC Bank – 

Bank of Baroda – 



The closest two from all our Assagao properties are –

Anjuna –

Vagator –

Parra – 



Like any other tourist destination, Goa is a host to various scams that you might fall prey to unknowingly. Here are some links you can check out to get educated against the more common scams. As a thumb rule, avoid giving your bank details to anyone on call or sending money to anyone you might not know, no matter how high the reward is! 


Some links we think you might find helpful –





Emergency Helpline

For landlines, use STD Code – 0832 (all numbers with 7 digits are landlines)


Emergency Service








Woman Helpline


Child Helpline


Senior Citizen Helpline


Emergency Service









Timings :  1pm to 7pm : Monday to Friday 

0832 – 2252525


Hospitals in Goa

For landlines, use STD Code – 0832 (all numbers with 7 digits are landlines)


Emergency Service



Casulaty GMC


Bambolim, Goa

Goa Medical College*

2458700 / 08

Bambolim, Central Goa

Asilo, Mapusa/td>


Alto Duler, Mapusa, Goa

Hospicio, Margao


Margao Goa

Community Health Centre, Ponda


Ponda Goa

Urban Health Centre, Vasco


Chicalim, Vasco Goa

Cottage Hospital, Vasco


Chicalim, Vasco Goa

Urban Health Centre, Panaji*


Panaji Goa

Blood Bank Margao



Pharmacies in North Goa

There are two pharmacies in and around the NomadGao properties. Most of them close by 10-11 so if you have a late night emergency, you should head to Wellness Forever. The closest outlet to our NomadGao properties is in Calangute, just opposite Newton’s supermarket. 


Some pharmacies you can head to –

  • Supercare Medical Store


  • Asha Medical Stores


  • Goa Medicare


  • Hindo Pharmacy


  • Siddheshwar Medical Store


  • Wellness Forever, Calangute (open 24/7)


  • Wellness Forever, Mapusa



Doctors around NomadGao

  • Dr Kamat, Assagao


  • Dr Nazareth, Anjuna



  • Primary Health Centre, Siolim



  • North Goa District Hospital, Mapusa


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