• A/C Private Rooms
  • Private Rooms
  • Coworking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Workstation
  • Power Backup
  • Community
  • NG Passport
  • Laundry
  • Smoking Area
  • Parking
Note: Need to pay additional charges for extra facilities

Lonavala, Maharashtra

NomadGao Workation Hostel, Lonavala Book now Minimum stay:3 Nights

Choose corresponding dates for attractive fortnightly and monthly long-stay discounts.

Location Exploration

Looking to explore the beautiful Lonavala but don’t know where to start? Take a look at our detailed Location Exploration guide for Digital Nomads in Lonavala

Location Exploration

NomadGao Workation Hostel

Lonavala, Maharashtra

Coworking Space in Lonavala

NomadGao’s coworking space makes it easier for you to travel to your favourite destinations on the weekdays and get things done in nature!

Community @ NomadGao

global digital nomads in india hacker paradise retreat travel the world
The image shows a digital nomad coliving community in Goa India
the image shows a corporate team on a team retreat at nomadgao goa
The image shows Hacke Paradise Digital Nomads in India

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