5 accessories to make WFH healthier

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

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Hey Coconut!

If you didn’t know this, the planet earth was designed to adapt and evolve with the changes around them. Which is how heartbreaks make us cynical and a pandemic has pushed our wandering hearts to stay at home. Yet, a lot of us are getting out there, working from mountains, forests and beaches, doing what we love the most. Some others are enjoying working from their homes, planning to get back to office or just dealing with an existential crisis. And honestly, it’s okay.

As a community who has tried to deal with the pandemic and make the best of it, we’ve learnt our own fair share of lessons. We’ve experimented and failed and adapted, finally landing on some tricks and tips that have ensured a smooth sailing. Since we’re all in the same boat in the same storm together, we thought we’d send some tips your way.

So here it is! Our list of some accessories to make your remote work life (you could be working from home or travelling as a digital nomad) healthier! Snacking at midnight is okay but a badly supported back isn’t!

Laptops, Keyboards and Mouse

When you’re looking downwards at your keyboard, it strains not only your neck, but also your spine. It could lead to several complications and aches that you’ll wish you never had. So first things first, get a laptop stand! While using a laptop stand, it can get difficult to operate the laptop keyboard, so do make sure to get a spare keyboard and mouse as well!

Pro Tip: If you’re broke, just stack a pile of books on your table, but make sure your screen stays eye-level!

This Defianz laptop stand our favourite for being light, compact and easy to carry around! Our Founder Mayur personally vouches for this as a must-have gadget on all of his travels as a digital nomad! It works for both heavier and lighter laptops as well!

The second laptop stand is a little bulkier and can be useful for you if you’re not going to travel much with it. What’s more, it also comes with a mobile phone holder in case you want to use multiple gadgets at once!  It works for both heavier and lighter laptops as well!

This mouse and keyboard combo is affordable and easy to use. The structure may not be very sturdy by they do their job perfectly. Most prefer a wireless set since it makes its use more hassle and tangled-wire -free!

Ergonomic Chairs

We’ve emphasised the importance of ergonomic furniture in your workspaces time and time again! It’s because sitting in the same place for long hours could destroy your spinal cord! So keep it supported and it’ll take you and your work a long way! This one of of most recommended chairs and the only product on this guide that we personally haven’t used yet but love recommending!

Resistance Bands / Dumbbells / Fit bands/ watches

Being healthy doesn’t just mean being a certain size. It’s more about making sure your body is strong enough – physically and mentally to tackle any hurdles that may come your way. A little movement goes a long way in ensuring flexibility, agility, strength and the release of endorphins. When you feel good the tasks that seemed like mountains will turn into molehills. We promise! 

Since dumbbells can be expensive and difficult to use without supervision, we suggest resistance bands, yoga and calisthenics, everything that you can do right from your bedroom!

While Decathlon is our best pick for all things workout – yoga mats, shoes, resistance bands, here is our recommendation for a fitness band/ watch.

It’s important to own one because it’ll remind your busy bum to get up and stretch, drink water and will count your steps too!

Laptop Desks

You could either get one of those small portable laptop tables that you can keep on the floor (NOPE, not your bed!) or a standing working desk if you’re someone who’s tired of sitting. They’re both equally amazing and offer their own health benefits such as improved posture, blood circulation in the body, no more dangly feet and so on!

Our choice for sturdy long term desks would be primarily Pepperfry and then Amazon

We recommend buying this Conrad Foldable Laptop table from Pepperfry. It’s a little heavy but budget friendly and will be a great addition to your WFH workspace especailly if you live with roommates or family members. 

A standing laptop desk could look something like this one from Amazon. 

Smartphone docks, charging stations etc

A last few things to tie the loose ends together – smartphone docks (in case your awesome tables don’t already have one) charging stations (especially if you have roommates or live with family members) and anti-glare screens! Here are some of our tried and tested recommendations, straight from the coworking spaces of NomadGao!

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