Benefits of a Long Stay for Digital Nomads in Goa, India

Remote work and a long stay in Goa go hand-in-hand. You get to travel slow, meet new people, make friends and get work done. A lot of homestays and coliving spaces in Goa began offering long-stay discounts to attract creators. There are so many advantages of working remotely in Goa that you cannot say no. That said, here is everything you need to know about long stays in Goa.

Why are long-term stays becoming popular in Goa?

To make the best of remote work, your travels need to be fun and feasible. Digital nomads do that by travelling slowly and with sustainability. Long-term stays, public transport, and hanging out at local-friendly eateries are some ways to do that. This way not only do you save money, but you also make friends and build a routine. Workations in Goa became popular during and after the pandemic when people travelled here to escape the urban crowds. During this time, local establishments began offering long-stay discounts to boost tourism. That said, here is why you should consider long-term stays as a digital nomad in Goa.

Long stays in Goa are budget-friendly

The three biggest expenses when you travel are stay, food and transport, Food can be adjusted by cooking some meals and transportation can be made up for by walking, cycling or taking the bus. But stay? A property that charges about 50 USD a night could end up costing 1000 USD a month, which is half the price! You are offering the local homes and living spaces in Goa a longer commitment and they don’t mind giving you a discount. Moreover, most places have in-house cafes or meal plans that are better-priced than restaurants. It’s a win-win for both parties!

Less stress on seeing it all

Traditionally a vacation would last 3 days where you packed all your sightseeing between 7 am to 10 pm every day. This is exhausting and unsustainable to both you and the environment. Moreover, you can explore a completely new culture on its surface level. So what’s the point right? Think of long-term stays as renting a home without a lease. You live your everyday life but in a new destination. You cook at home, you go out on weekends, you work every day and you make new friends over time. Slow travelling can be nourishing to the mind, body and soul as you take your time to disconnect from the old, connect to the new and reinvent yourself. Take a chance on renting a long stay in Goa and allowing yourself to be!

More time to make connections

You’re in Goa for the long weekend – let’s say 5 days because you got lucky! You spend the first two days fazed out because everything is new, you’re still thinking about work or you are an introvert trying to settle in. The third day you start talking to people and you’ve made a connection by midnight. They want to go camping under the stars or attend that one workshop on quantum physics, but alas, they don’t have time. So when you book a long-term stay in Goa, you get to make more friends and do things with them!

Things to remember before booking a long-term stay in Goa

Research the location for your long stay in Goa

Contrary to the common assumption, Goa is a pretty big state. Getting from North Goa to South Goa does take up time, especially if you choose to travel by bus. This is why it’s important to research the location of your stay beforehand. If you like a chill vibe, head to the south and if you want to be in the middle of chaos, head to the south. Moreover, consider inquiring about the modes of transport available around your stay.

What are they offering?

Your long stay in Goa requires different facilities than a week-long vacation. You might want a kitchen or accessible budget-friendly meals, laundry services, internet, grocery stores around you, a workspace and more. Depending on your lifestyle, list down all your requirements and make sure to research your stay well. The lack of certain facilities can be managed, but things such as food cannot be compromised. At NomadGao’s Coliving Space in Goa, you feel at home. The warm community, the delicious food at Sheila’s Kitchen and consistent housekeeping services make your long stay even more fun!

Closest cafes and coworking spaces to your long stay in Goa

If you are planning to work remotely during your long stay in Goa, make a list of all your favourite cafes and coworking spaces. You might like working from your room for a while but at some point, you might want to go out. While NomadGao has coworking spaces and meeting rooms in Goa if you want to experiment, head to Clay, Barefoot, Rasa or 91Springboard!

Community events around you

If you are travelling solo or as a couple in Goa, socialising becomes important. Goa is one of those places where socialising becomes easy as pie. You always have something happening somewhere and can pop in at a community-focused event. NomadGao facilitates community bonding by curating diverse events within and outside the coliving space. Check out our Instagram to know more!


There are plenty of up-and-coming, scenic houses that make for the perfect long stay in Goa. That said, make sure they meet your requirements. For instance, if you aren’t planning on getting a personal vehicle, you might need to live in an accessible location. The public transport in Goa can cost you your time. On the other hand, if you need constant connectivity, make sure you get a place with backup. Lastly, if you hate doing too much research, we’ve got it all at NomadGao!


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