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5 Reasons that Will Convince You to Work From Anywhere

Remote work is starting to catch up with professionals all around the world. The pandemic showed us that four hours of focused work from your kitchen can also get the job done, and maybe with even better results. While there were plenty of digital nomads who continued to work from anywhere even before, the pandemic WFH phase was a wake-up call for many. It allowed some to reconfigure their lives by giving them a new perspective of work. However, this is not the only reason how remote work impacts you. The post-pandemic world saw people moving away from cities because these over-populated areas were the major hotspots for infections. The remote work movement speaks for itself but if you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons that will encourage you to work from anywhere!


Remote work frees you from the confines of cubicles, the hovering eyes of your superiors and the relentless unhealthy competitiveness of your peers. When you work from anywhere, you have the autonomy to do your job the way you see fit. This can not only amp up your confidence but also boost your motivation and productivity. With proper communication, you can work the hours that suit you, take up projects with clear, healthy deadlines and finish them without distractions. When there are no rules that control everything you do, it can exponentially boost your creativity, trust and feelings of self-worth too. 

Boost rural economies

A lot of digital nomads prefer living on the outskirts of a city so they can have peace and quiet to themselves. Living in rural areas with sufficient facilities can help declutter the cities, reduce pollution and improve mental health. It does not just end there. Digital nomads generally prefer living in one place for at least two months at a time. This means they have to rent a place to live, eat out at times and take public transport. It’s no rocket science how this can boost the income of the locals of a particular area. Subsequently, if a remote location becomes a frequent haunt for professionals who can work from anywhere, this can lead to a massive spike in its economy. In the long run, the more people that choose to be away from the urban landscapes, the more it will help the rural population generate income.

Flexibility of Work

There are days when you wish you could take a random Wednesday off to just go and enjoy a sunset. However, most corporations have strict rules around working a fixed number of hours every day. Does that mean you sacrifice your sunsets and hope that Sundays aren’t cloudy? Not necessarily. Those who work from anywhere can have more flexible hours that can allow them to take a break whenever they want to. This may not always be possible for employees, but if you can figure out project-based deadlines you may not have to worry about it either. Lastly, flexible work hours can boost creativity, increase productivity and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Bigger Opportunities

As a digital nomad, when you work from anywhere, you have a chance of meeting more like-minded professionals. In an office where even if you meet someone on the same wavelength as you, the chances of collaborating outside of work are minimal. However, when you know that you are no longer restricted by the physical constraints of office space, strict work hours and lingering bosses, you can be more. Most coworking and coliving spaces like NomadGao serve as melting pots for digital nomads around the world. They can help reduce your feelings of loneliness and set up a stage for some beneficial collaborations. This is how NomadGao’s current co-founder, Shahzada became a part of the team too!

Better Quality of Life

Slow travel is a thing but it is a long way to go before slow work finds a place in society. The hustle culture has people working for 14 hours, for weeks without any breaks. While sometimes it is the corporation’s management style, sometimes it’s a personal inclination that pushes people to do more. However, when you live in a city, surrounded by concrete, drowning in bad air, it can drastically affect your mental health. Humans were meant to be a part of nature, connecting with it and thriving through a co-dependency with their surroundings. When you work from anywhere, you can choose where you set up your workspace. You can take short breaks, go on walks, start your days to the sound of birds and end it with a quiet sunset. Guess what? Because your home is also your workspace, you get to avoid rush hour traffic and save time in the process. The bottom line is, when you work remotely, you get to revamp the quality of your life by having more power to choose what you eat, where you go, when you sleep and how many hours of work you put in every day.

Your work does not define you, but it does define how you choose to live your life. When you plan your day around your office, it drastically reduces your autonomy over how you choose to live. Most professionals are so tired after their long shifts, all they want to do is hit the hay. That is 5-6 days every week that are just being spent on a company. What if you want to be more? There is always that one hobby collecting dust, that one friend you have been wanting to catch up with or that one project outside of work you wish you could take on. Working from anywhere can help you do that – all you have to do is plan well, speak to those who have been through this and let your passion guide you. 


There are plenty of reasons to be a digital nomad in India – the diversity in landscape and the English-speaking community being a few of them. Be a part of the NomadGao community. Book a stay with us now!

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