5 Things To Do In Goa During
The Winters!

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

Come December and Goa is at its busiest! Love is in the air and the sunsets are at their best, trying to emulate this cosy, romantic feeling. Not to mention the activity that occupies Goa’s many corners, what with Diwali, Christmas, New Year and all! For most, the entire month of December feels like a long vacation, and Goa’s here to help you make the best out of it! If you’re a Digital Nomad planning to work from Goa, there’s no better time than now. It’s not just the weather that is at its best, but the entire state is soaked in a warm, cosy festive vibe that makes everything better. Here are some fun, offbeat things to indulge in Goa this winter:

Go birdwatching!

It’s not just people who’re vacationing during the winters. Birds are known for migrating from colder regions to warmer ones. One popular destination for some really magnificent birds is Goa. Bird watching is at its best from around November to February, when the weather is just perfectly nice and cool. You get to see some exquisite and exotic birds in Goa like the Warblers, Falcons, Brahminy Kite, Sandpipers, Ducks and a hundred different types of Kingfishers! You could either choose to walk through the forests of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, take a boat through the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary or find your own unique spot with fellow birders. Even NomadGao’s Secret Garden is home to an array of Mynahs and Bulbuls! Don’t miss out on this part of an offbeat Goan experience!

Stay for the sunset

If you’re brave enough to explore, Goa is home to some of the most stunning hikes. Sunsets at the beach are definitely fun, but sunsets from cliffs or forts that overlook the sea is a different feeling in itself. What’s more, Goan skies really dress up during the winters. The sky is draped in vibrant, magical hues of orange, yellow, pink and what not! Find a new sunset spot every day, we promise the skies won’t disappoint you. Some popular spots are the hill near Hilltop, the Chapora Fort, the Aguada fort, the Sal River, Aldona fort and the Morjim beach. Nothing can beat ending a day of work in Goa than a lavish, serene sunset. NomadGao has also organised a hippie trail this weekend to bring you a unique spot for a perfect sunset! Apart from that, most of the evenings at NomadGao are spent at the beach with a sweaty session of volleyball!

Try diving in Goa!

Yes, the islands are more fun, but Goa’s oceans are no less! The sea around popular Goan diving spots is filled with coral reefs, rock pinnacles and shipwrecks. The waters around Goa are comparatively warmer, safer and offer great visibility as well. The Grande Island or the Butterfly Island are the common hotspots for a comfortable and thrilling diving experience in Goa. The waters are calmer in the winters and this can provide an added benefit for beginners. 

Plan around Christmas

December in Goa is all about planning for Christmas, celebrating Christmas and recovering from Christmas. Most Goan Catholic homes prepare an array of sweets and delicacies that cannot be left out of your to-do list. While the more popular ones such as Bebinca and Serradura will definitely get your attention, make sure to ask for Bolinhas, Baathk, Chocolate Salamis, Letria, Perad, Doce, Dodol and even Pinagr at the local bakeries. The Goan Kusvaar is made of almost 20 sweets and none of them should be left out! What’s more, a lot of popular restaurants and clubs host Christmas parties on the eve of Christmas. They’re frequented by most Goans after the obligatory Midnight Mass. 

Celebrate the local Goan festivals!

Apart from Christmas, there are several smaller events that take place in the villages of Goa. The Feast of St Francis Xavier is one of the more popular ones that happens every year on the 3rd of December. It commemorates the Saint and all his missionary work across the world. Another popular feast is that of the Three Kings. Celebrated every year in Cansaulim, the feast commemorates the Three Kings who visited baby Jesus. This is done through an actual role play where kids are designated as kings who climb up the Cuelim hill to the Three Kings Chapel. The feast witnesses a large fair and plenty of food, and should definitely be witnessed.

Go kayaking in Goa's backwaters!

Goa’s backwaters have recently come into the limelight for their pristine beauty and tranquillity. If you’re looking to stray away from the chaotic beaches, the backwaters are where you should go. The rivers Sal, Mandovi and Nerul are some popular sites for a fun day of kayaking through the quiet. The serene sights are bound to blow your mind. If you plan to work from Goa, you should definitely put this on your to-do list. The winters find the waters to be calmer, making kayaking all the more enjoyable.

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