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Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

Workations have been the only respite to digital nomads around the world. Goa’s been trending as one of the many popular workation destinations for a lot of digital nomads! It’s quiet, pristine and an ideal escape from your urban WFH life! The ghats around Goa make for a perfect road trip especially for those who live in Bangalore, Pune or Mumbai. The roads are scenic, especially during the monsoons and the destination is your perfect rural getaway!

Bangalore is around 600 kms from Goa, a travel time of 9-11 hrs. There are 3-4 different routes that you can take, each providing their own aesthetic. To make your planning easier, we’ve done some research and created a list of routes and things you can do on your way from Bangalore to Goa.

Things to remember before you up and leave:

Get your car serviced

So no matter when your previous servicing was done, you need to get your car checked thoroughly before you leave. Fix any broken or worn out parts – brakes, clutch plates and so on and get the oil and tyre pressure checked as well. Make sure you have all the important vehicle documents like insurance, pollution certificate and the RC book and prepare a small tools kit that will come in handy in case your car breaks down. 

Also, make sure you know how to change a tyre. Punctured tyres are easy to change and mechanics, on a road trip, are hard to find. So google it, practice it and we promise your life will be ebay.

Carry essentials

Spare fuel, oils, power banks, a first-aid kit and snacks are some things that will come in handy. Make sure your first-aid kit has bandages, paracetamol, boroline, cotton and an antiseptic liquid.

Have a proper sleep the night before

You don’t want to be falling asleep at the steering wheel, missing turns or almost crashing into another car because you’re still sleepy! Get a good 8 hours of sleep so you’re up fresh.

If you’re someone who’s coming from Bangalore to Goa for the first time for a workation, you can check out our Guide to Travelling in Goa to help navigating within Goa easier. 

Once you’ve got everything in place, here are the routes you can take:

Anmod Ghat

An ideal route through the Anmod Ghat will pass through Tumkur, Chitradurga, Hubli, Dharwad, Ramnagar and Anmod to reach Panjim. Take this route if you’re planning on exploring more of North Goa. It’s one of the most popular and the shortest of all routes. You have some really amazing sites to stop at on the way like the Chitradurga fort, Ranebennur Blackbuck Deer Sanctuary, Anmod Ghat, Dudhsagar Falls, Sira and Haveri and Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary. This route is full of some of the most amazing historical buildings and is perfect for history nerds! The Dudhsagar falls will definitely be a cherry on the cake and are simply spectacular especially during the monsoons. You can either hike up there yourselves or get a cab that will take you at 400 rs per head. The former might be a little more time consuming so plan accordingly.


The road through Karwar will take you 12 hours, 3 hours more than the previous. But here’s the deal – you’ll get to see the country’s second highest waterfall on this route. The Jog falls are worth witnessing in their glory and Goa’s at its prettiest during the monsoons. You can also make stops at the Rabindranath Tagore beach, Gokarna,  Karwar Warship Museum and the Palolem Beach. One of Karwar’s biggest cultural event – the Karwali Utsav is celebrated in December at the Tagore beach and it’s a really beautiful place being the meeting place for the river Kali and the Arabian Sea. Finally, the Gokarna beach will blow your mind away! During winter, the waters are filled with bioluminescent organisms that light up the beach every night! Apart from that there are a ton of adventure sports that you can do there? To go through Karwar you’ll have to take the route that passes through Nelamangala, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Sirsi, Ankola and Karwar to reach Panjim. 


The route that takes you through Belgaum introduces another stunning side of the Western ghats. 

Tambdi Surla, Belgaum Fort, Anjunem Keri Dam, Chorla Ghat, Arvalem Caves. The Tambdi Surla waterfall is spectacular in all its lush glory. You can either choose to view it from a viewing point far away or just trek to the waterfall and bath in it. There’s also the Tambdi Surla temple that’s definitely worth visiting if you have the time to. Apart from that, the Belgaum fort and the Anjunem Dam are some scenic and enriching experiences to add to your itinerary. You can choose to make a day out of it and find a stay around the dam. You can continue the next day, basking in the abundant beauty of the Chorla Ghat on the way to Goa from Bangalore. It’s home to a wide array of wildlife and definitely worth experiencing. Finally, for the history buffs, the Arvalem Caves are a must stop spot! They’re connected to the Pandavas and go waaay back in time!

There is plenty of information available on the finer details of planning a road trip from Bangalore to Goa. It’s definitely one of the many awesome road trips you should take in India. Especially with offices switching to WFH for the long-term, it’s an opportunity worth taking! If you’re someone who’s already done it, let us know your experience of it. We love stories!! Don’t forget to tag @nomad.gao on insta if you have any stunning pics from your Bangalore to Goa road trip!