Why Coliving Spaces Are Better Than
Airbnbs For Your Digital Nomad Journey!

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

Coliving spaces and coworking are gaining attention. All around the world, offices are shutting down for good, people are resigning because they realised they CAN work from anywhere and the world is preparing itself for a WFH or a hybrid work model. There’s no future in sight where things go back to the way they were. So what’s the future going to be like? We think remote work will finally find its place. You can be a digital nomad and travel the world while you earn or work from home if that works for you. But for those who look forward to exploiting this newfound freedom, we’ve got you!

One of our Coworking corners at NomadGao!

The first thing would be to find your office away from the office. Picking your work from anywhere home and office is the most crucial step in order to grow as a digital nomad. Most go for Airbnbs or traveller’s hostels. While they might work for some, it may not work for everyone. We believe that every digital nomad deserves a place that will help him/her grow, which is what coliving spaces do. Here are some reasons why not all Airbnbs are coliving spaces –https://nomadgao.com/nomad-coconuts/remote-work/nomadgao-vs-hostel-for-workation/

Finding Your Community!

A Nomad Christmas!

Digital nomadism can be isolating. You’re always on the move and making new friends can be a task. What you’re looking for are people with similar goals and intentions as you – someone looking to work while travelling. It would be ideal to sit amongst freelancers, entrepreneurs, people with more work experience and so on. Can you imagine the conversations that could happen in a space like this? Whether it’s people from 10 different work backgrounds or 10 people with different experiences in the same field, it’s like striking gold! 

So here’s the deal -not all Airbnbs operate with that goal. Usually the only communication you’ll have is with the Airbnb host and even then, he/she might not be around all the time! Can you imagine how isolating it can get? To add to that, you could be living miles away from the closest coworking space. Coliving spaces understand this struggle and generally have an in-house coworking space too! A Coliving space like NomadGao brings you closer to your kind of community – people intent on talking about opportunities!

Community Events Ahoy!

Just picture this – you’re someone who’s curious about a certain field, say data science or being a travelling chef. You share this interest with a fellow nomad and you find out they’re a pro in the field! A few days later the coliving space you’re living in decides to host an event on how to ace being a data scientist as a digital nomad! Yea, it would be super cool for that to happen. And guess what? These things do happen in most coliving spaces! 

A lot of coliving spaces host community events for Digital Nomads. NomadGao has hosted events around the lgbtq community, blockchain etc. We even do fun barbecues or community dinners with some really fascinating cuisines! 

We promise you, every coliving space is designed to make digital nomads feel at home even when they’re not. An Airbnb will get you a good deal, but it won’t give you the digital nomad experience. As digital nomads ourselves, we know it can be so much more!

Making Remote Work Convenient

If you’re someone who has long days of work, we do realise managing household chores can get tedious. Most Airbnbs are simply rented homes which may or may not have room service or meal facilities. So on the days you feel like staying in and not ordering, you have no other options. Apart from that, apartments you rent on Airbnb come with bills, internet issues and lack of other utilities.


Coliving spaces are generally designed keeping digital nomads in mind and hence, are well-equipped with housekeeping and in-house cafes. We have Sheila’s Cafe at NomadGao and she whips up some amazing delicacies! We obviously have Swiggy and Zomato and have also partnered up with some restaurants to get you fun discounts! On the days you do feel like cooking, we also have a stove and utensils in our spaces!

Finding a Coworking Space!

Coliving spaces are designed to open up a different world of work to you. Flexible hours, plenty of travelling, better co workers and coworking infrastructure. Do we have to mention that there’s also no more traffic jams and work commutes? Coworking is an essential part of coliving spaces. They generally have good, ergonomic chairs that will be kinder to your backs and neck, wfh accessories like laptop stands, keyboards, mouses etc Since the goal is to enable remote work and make it easy, they also have reliable, high speed WiFi. When it comes to Airbnbs you may or may not have infrastructure to suit your WFH needs.

What’s more? NomadGao even has free tea and coffee to help you with your morning blues!

Here’s the thing – as digital nomads, Airbnbs have worked out for some. They can be budget friendly and comfortable for those who enjoy solitude. If you are looking to be a digital nomad, we recommend experiencing coliving spaces that exist solely for the community. If you’re still skeptical, do try them both. Just know that in this exciting little journey of yours, you’re not alone. As long as there is a coliving space where you are, you’ll have a home.