NomadGao Goes for Diversification
to Create a Super App

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

NomadGao Universe

New financial year is here and at NomadGao, we are working on a host of new things to make NomadGao experience more exciting. Over the last 2.5 years, we have gathered a lot of insights around what digital nomads want, what they know they need, and what they don’t know they need. With the support from our new investors, we are glad to launch new products and services. 


Bread is universal. Our data shows that 73% foreigners and a whopping 58% of Indians in our member base, eat bread in some form as a part of their breakfast. Since most of our active customers eat breakfast at our spaces, it only made sense to venture into breadmaking to give our customers a uniform bread-eating experience across our spaces. Since November 2021, we have been talking to vendors and doing our own R&D to turn our love for bread into a business.

We will have the best of baguettes available at the Nomad Bistro as well as certain select supermarkets in Goa to begin with. The NomadPao venture also helps us in expanding our F&B menu to include Vietnamese Banh Mi – our all time favourite!


We want to give power to our community, and what’s a better way than going with DAO? We are currently working on a whitepaper to set NomadDao’s fundamentals. We will update you on the same once it’s ready. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the updates.


The pandemic has made people focus on their hobbies and new experiences. 32% of our members have learnt to cook at least 1 Goan dish during their stay with us. Naturally, we see a big market in cooking classes. Through NomadPakao, we want people to take back memories of their favourite dishes they had during their stay at NomadGao.

Mayur, our founder, is known for his dad jokes. When the idea of NomadPakao was proposed to him, he mistook it for a joke on him. That also made us realize that there are no comedy clubs in Goa. However, we won’t stretch it so far from our real goal of helping people live a balanced life.


We operate beyond big cities. Often times, it’s hard to get a cab for checking in late at night. Things get worse for those who can’t ride a scooter. The public transport is such places is also not trustworthy.

Thus, we have decided to venture into cab aggregation. We will do it mindfully with an aim to simplify life for our members while providing employment to locals.

We will be rolling out many more products and services during the next 3 months! Watch out the space for more!