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Rediscover Goa with NomadGao’s Airbnb Superhost Team

Looking for some offbeat travel experiences in Goa? There is something exciting happening this December.

‘Rediscover Goa’ is an initiative by the government of Goa in collaboration with Airbnb that focuses on Goa beyond beaches. It takes place between 12th December 2022 and 18th December 2022 and is open to all. This state that was only known for its beaches and nightlife is now taking centre stage to talk about its history, food and hinterlands. 

Rediscover Goa has been curated with the help of Cultre, which promotes India’s cultural heritage through content and experiences. Multiple local experts have come together to offer some mindfully designed insightful experiences that show you the other side of Goa.

As a proud Airbnb Superhost, NomadGao has always strived to promote slow travel and remote work in India. If you are a digital nomad on a workation in Goa, this can be a wonderful experience to partake in. In the last few years, the government of Goa has actively participated in nurturing the remote workspace in Goa. Their initiative to launch coworking spaces on beaches and fund startups to boost the local economy are some steps in this direction. The best time is now to contribute to a rich and growing digital nomad space in Goa.

Here are some highlights from Rediscover Goa you should keep an eye out for:

Goa on a bicycle

Goa’s winding lanes and quaint villages have not been romanticised enough. Spending a sunny Sunday morning just losing yourself on narrow roads lined with rolling fields is an incomparable experience. Cycling Zens will be hosting a 90-minute adventure through the village of Salvador do Mundo. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking landscape filled with amusing history and some awe-inspiring stories.

Away from the shores

If you thought Goa’s beaches are beautiful, you’re in for a surprise! The Sal river is a pristine slice of the state that promises an unforgettable escape. While kayaking in Goa has been popular for a while, the experience hosted by Aqua Trails gives it an offbeat touch. As part of Rediscover Goa, this experience you will experience peace and Goa’s natural beauty together. Since it’s December there are high chances of spotting some foreign migratory birds in Goa too!

Sway to Goa’s tunes

Goa has such a vibrant culture that a lifetime might not be enough to experience it all. Each region has unique dance forms and folk music with a history that will blow your hair back. Fado and Mando are two such folk performances that have travelled a long way in time. While the former is a traditional Portuguese performance, the latter is a Goan creation, both with mesmerising executions.  Let Fadista Sonia Shirsat take you on a journey through two unique folk performances of Goa, an adventure you won’t regret.

Goan food with a twist!

While traditional Goan food is a soulful comfort in itself, chef Avinash Martins has curated an experiential menu with a revamped take on it. The highlight of his farm-to-table experience during the Rediscover Goa event will be a unique menu completely dependent on the day’s fresh farm produce. His 7-course tasting menu is limited to one group a day and will be designed to meet your culinary preferences.

The Goan village life

Goa’s pristine hinterlands promote a slow, mindful and conscious lifestyle that works in sync with the nature around. Prathmesh gives you a peek into the culinary traditions of the Goan Gowd Saraswat community and the lifestyle of the tribals. Slow down time as you start with breakfast with a local host, a short trek to a natural pool and an extravagant Goan lunch that will demand a siesta! Take a step away from your fast-paced life to ‘Rediscover Goa’ through the eyes of its locals.

While these events caught our eyes there are plenty of more events in Goa that might interest you. The initiative is a large step towards restructuring Goa’s tourism scene and offering a fresh perspective for not just travellers, but remote workers and digital nomads in India as well. If you are someone hoping to work remotely, engage in slow travel and experience an offbeat Goa, hop onto these experiences and ‘Rediscover Goa’ through the eyes of its locals. 

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