Tips To Design Your Makeshift WFH

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

In a world where our office workspace has ended up being ten steps away from our bedroom, it is easy to blur out the boundaries between what is your workspace and what is not your workspace. It has become important now, more than ever to draw a line between the two and keep them separate! What’s more, we’re currently going through a phase that will determine the future of remote work. As many multinationals and local organisations are deciding to stick to a hybrid work or a WFH pattern for the long-term, it is possible that we might have to work from home more often. At least for a few days of every week, if not all. So to live a healthy and productive life, it is super important to have a clean and motivating workspace at home or anywhere you go!

Your WFH workspace needs plenty of light!

Find a spot in the  house that receives plenty of sunlight all through the day. If you live in a small space, you can always try moving things around. A balcony, or a corner under the window would be ideal. The sunlight and fresh air will keep you motivated. If you share your living space with roommates or family members it is advisable to create certain boundaries or locate your nearest coworking space. A crowded living space can affect your work-life balance, especially during the pandemic when the lines have already been blurred. To ensure healthy relationships within your work and outside of it, it is important to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Nope, not your bed!

Working from the bed can be fun – sometimes. Everyday is a big no-no. Rome wasn’t built in a day or in pajamas! Keep your bed for resting whenever you need to and for your after-work life. Working from your bed could make you feel lethargic, lazy and unproductive. This could affect not only the quality of your tasks but also your motivation to do them. So find a place that’s away from your bed and get into a chic work outfit. We need a reason to dress, now more than ever! Embrace it.

Your workspace needs to be ergonomic!

Slouching, sitting in the same position for long hours, sitting in uncomfortable chairs and not staying hydrated – we’ve all been there! But you know what? Not anymore! Not taking care of yourself is a big no-no, especially when you want to be a digital nomad during the pandemic. Have a nice big bottle of water, flavoured or plain handy so you can not only make sure you’re drinking enough water and keeping the quantity in check. Ideally, you should drink at least 3 ltrs on an average. What we recommend is getting a 1 litre bottle that you can get up to fill at regular intervals. This way, you can take some time to stretch and walk around the house as well! Also, get a comfy chair that doesn’t strain any part of your body!

Keep it tidy and organised!

It can be super annoying to have an untidy workspace, especially if it’s a small makeshift one. No matter where or how big your workspace is, keep it organised! Don’t clutter it with too many things and keep only what’s important on the table – things like gadgets, stationery, a small notepad etc. If you don’t need it, it shouldn’t be on the desk. Simple!

Equip yourself with WFH essential tools!

A home workspace might not have the facilities of an office. If you’re planning on creating a workspace around a table, get an ergonomic chair, laptop stand and a wireless keyboard and mouse. You won’t understand how important they are until your back is in constant discomfort and pain. Back and neck support are crucial and should be your priority. We’ve tried to ensure the same in our workspaces too! If your workspace is on the floor, make sure you’re sitting straight and take the support of pillows if need be. Your screen should be lined with your eyesight and you shouldn’t have to look downwards. While you’re at it, get a plant too! It’s good company.

Working from home has gotten mixed reviews so far. Some love it, some don’t. We believe that finding the right balance is hard, especially in a space that’s your lazy-Sunday sanctuary! We think if you make the effort, you can always manage to strike a work-life balance while working from home. If you still can’t, we suggest you try coworking. It’s been life-changing, even for us! We’ve also inculcated coliving at NomadGao so you can travel, work, meet new people and really explore a land for what it is! Working from Goa has never been more fun! 

Apart from that, we’ve attached a freebie (5 Accessories to make WFH healthier) into this guide as our 3rd gift for the birthday month! It’s a list of simple tools and accessories we swear by! Do let us know your insight! You should definitely check it out, especially if you’ve liked our Guide to Goa!


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