Working From Home? 5 Reasons To
Work From Goa Instead!

Sharvani Chandvale

Sharvani Chandvale

Goa has evolved. It has gone from “Party from Goa” and “Chill from Goa”, to “Work from Goa”. The world is realising that Goans do hold jobs and need workspaces too. The state has broken a glass ceiling of its own, rebranding its stereotyped identity into something more wholesome. Goa is not just a tourist destination anymore, it’s more. This paradise can be your remote work office. We bet it will encourage you to threaten your boss if they decide to reopen their offices! That is what makes it more than ideal for a perfect remote work escape! That’s why they say that Goa is the new Bangalore!

We’ve been working with digital nomads from all around the world and here’s why they believe that a Goa workation is in, now more than ever!

Socially Distanced by Design

So if you’ve seen the news and the celebrity interviews you’d know that a lot of them chose to move to Goa during the pandemic- Photographers, filmmakers, actors, writers and so on – Goa for them became THE place to go to get their work done. 

Have you ever wondered why? 

Because Goa is Socially Distanced by Design that is to say that no one village, city or town are too densely populated. There is enough space and fresh air for everyone to breathe and move. 

This means there is less chance of catching an infection especially if you take the necessary precautions. Regardless, if you’re worried about COVID, you can always choose to watch the pretty weather and not leave your room. 

Be close to Nature

Goa’s pride is its natural beauty and its landscapes that are untouched by cruel corporate hands. Work from Goa is a blissful experience because of the green that envelops you, especially during Goa’s monsoons. For a remote worker this will come as a welcome change from the concrete jungles and the traffic jams. We suggest you spend your mornings running on beaches, weekends trekking through waterfalls and crossing rivers on ferries and evenings walking through Goa’s pretty lanes lined with green trees and fields.

Internet/ Power backups sorted at NomadGao

Plenty of Things to do

This doesn’t even need an explanation! If you plan your time well, work from Goa can be pretty fulfilling! Your productivity will rise and you can make time for a little exploring too! A coworking space can greatly help beat that morning sluggishness. You’ve got beaches, forts, waterfalls to trek to, museums and millions of pretty cafes and restaurants to help you unwind!

We also have some rustic taverns right down the road at all our properties for your evening unwinding! We recommend pairing cashew feni with a recheado bangdo or wisvon for the most out of the earth experience!

Goa thrives on its susegado ideology! That doesn’t mean we work from our beds, don’t have baths and love being lazy. It just represents a very holistic way of living where you work hard when you have to and rest when you’re done. There’s a time for everything! Goans know how to take care of their mental health unlike the infamous “hustle culture” that has us spending our hard earned bucks on constant therapy sessions! Your work from Goa experience will be the only therapy you’ll ever need!


Work from anywhere or at least hybrid remote work is here to stay. Even if it’s not, why are you giving up on this extremely viable opportunity to work from Goa? We’re being very strict with our COVID protocols and our Feni tastes better than ever during the monsoons! Get your digital nomad outfit on! What’s stopping you?